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Zenith watches replica watch:June 2017, known as “China’s first fashion gentleman” Hu Bing airborne Europe. Non-stop to complete a fashion week “Grand Slam” – footprints throughout Paris, Milan, Florence. But also to London Fashion Week as the identity of the re-visit the British London show field scene. Professional model origin of the Hu Bing debut for many years, is China’s first batch of fashion hit the star. Tall figure, the perfect ratio, superior style of dress so that he went to eye-catching. Now he built a beard, even more feminine.

Self-made yuppie mature temperament so that he became the most gentleman in recent years, the Chinese men. Whether it is leather locomotive, casual suit, or tannin shirt. In the Hu who are showing a very personal style of cool handsome charm. The success of showing a mature and a little sexy skinny handsome male hormone full image. Hu Bing’s wrist is quite with the overall tone of harmony and intertwined. In the bustling crowd exudes a unique “Chinese retro gentleman” mature charm.

Jagged man’s wrist rumbling

Wearing sunglasses, put on leather, every man’s superhero dreams will rise from the sky. They stepped on the cool motorcycle, stepped on the clutch, heading for the beach, heading for the mountains, heading for the sun, leaving the world an uninhibited back. Professional model origin of the Hu Bing angular, tall and elegant tall. A man full of taste of the leather sunglasses drag racing equipment particularly eye-catching, rebellious old boy’s image vividly. So cool how can the lack dotting the flagship series El Primero 36’000 VPH Zenith wrist uk replica watches – a powerful stainless steel case wrapped hollow dial chronograph with three iconic disc. Little red dotted the meantime. And black perforated rubber straps echo each other, as the red and black motorcycle with a magnetic motor high-voltage line. Roar away, record the cool boy when the rapid heartbeat.

Hu Bing wearing real power flagship series El Primero 36’000 VPH watch, 45 mm, reference price: RMB 54,300

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Across the streets on both sides of the regulation of the red brick villa, Hu Bing handbag of its leather bags. Loose dark green trousers with white shoes and men’s clothing best single product – white shirt echo each other; roll up their sleeves light dark striped suit. Just right to show the perfect arm line. Wrist wearing real power when the flagship series El Primero happy 1969 watch white dial section embellishment just right. Stride in the streets of the Hu Bing will be the ultimate charm of mature men unfolded, wonderful interpretation of this big promise in the small age. Social elites are brisk walking in the big city of reinforced concrete among the self-confidence elegant, low-key modern and retro fans.

Hu Bing wearing real power flagship series El Primero happy 1969 watch (white dial), 42 mm, reference price: RMB 68,900

The cozy maritime climate makes the morning of Florence cool. Hu Bing whether to play fun blue long-sleeved shirt with dark gray pencil pants or blue and white pattern of leisure relaxed leisure suit jacket with black super cool fresh ruffian cool, wearing Zenith El Primero flagship series happy 1969 blue watch Color dial models can be zero pressure with just right. The same paragraph two-color dial of the real power when the flagship series El Primero happy 1969 watch any wear can be the finishing touch. So that the retro gentleman’s daily T station never wrong.

Hu Bing wearing real power when the flagship series El Primero happy 1969 watch (blue dial), 42 mm, reference price: RMB 68,900

Retro breath of the evening

After the break, bid farewell to the hustle and bustle of the city, drive to relax and enjoy the British khaki leisure afternoon. Or to watch the evening veil charming charming ending. Hu Bing a stylish casual dress, filling the British gentleman style – denim shirt buttoned two light solution, Black yurt cool handsome concealed, neat aircraft full head above the forehead. With the real power when the flagship series El Primero happy 1969 rose gold watch. Retro luster like sunset avenue, rendering a dusk of dazzling.

Hu Bing wearing real power when the flagship series El Primero happy 1969 rose gold watch, 42 mm, reference price: RMB 80,300

Zenith watches, from 1865 when the watch manufacturer. 150 years,Zenith watches for the rest of the world watch manufacturers to create personalized style of the wrist treasures. The watch factory was founded in 1865 by the highly visible watchmaker Georges Favre-Jacot. In the development of a half-century, with the prize when measured 2,333 items obtained. The rapid rise of the brand in the field of precision timing. The achievements of the undoubted industry record. In 1969 the integrated guide column wheel automatic movement El Primero Star launched the brand fame. The movement vibrates 36,000 times per hour, ensuring a precise chronograph of 1/10 sec.

Zenith watches:This is the strength of more than 600 after the movement to improve the development of the results.

As a member of the traditional luxury watch brand camp, Zhenti always adhere to completely independent movement. Become the ultimate proof of extraordinary quality.Zenith watches in such as antique classic cars and many other traditional areas of fierce battle for many years. And now the brand is for fashion people to launch a unique and long-lasting style of excellence. A long history, tradition, passion, and the soul of the past with the ultimate pursuit of solidification into the soul of the language – “Legends are forever”

Fake zenith of fashion watch

Fake zenith:The history of the public, these most famous have been launched Panda brand. Are the current and today’s mechanical timing of the pioneer brand. Start with Cal.11, the general view that Cal.11 is the first watch in the history of automatic watch movement. This movement by several watch factory research and development, including Breitling, Hamilton, Buren, TAG Heuer and DD, carrying the movement of the fake rolex. Because this movement, these watch factory has a good automatic chronograph movement, although big and thick.

In the manual movement, the first half of the last century, manual chronograph movement has become more mature. Even today’s manual chronograph movement is also the reference to the design. At that time, a few well-known movement models are Valjoux 23, Valjoux 72, Midea Cal.13-20, Lemania 1873, FP, Longines 13 ZN and 30 CH. As well as Movado and so on. And these movements are not exclusive to a brand, but also supply to other brands. Thanks to these mature manual movement and symmetrical timing disk design. Panda plate is also equipped with these movements on the watch have been used.

Fake zenith EL PRIMERO movement launched in 1969, and Cal.11 is the same period of the product. Its characteristic is to improve the vibration frequency. In that era is very groundbreaking. From the mainstream 18000VPH, 21600VPH and 28800VPH three kinds of vibration frequency out, increased to 36000VPH, very avant-garde. At the same time this is an integrated self-winding chronograph movement. Real force when the famous panda disk chronograph, also began to glory in that era.

In addition, the famous Rolex Daytona. There are many panda design, the model to 6262,6263-based, including Paul Newman Daytona. Although Rolex in the official name of its chronograph for the Daytona series before, it has been in the timetable.

Fake zenith but really hot up, is the 1963 Dietong series after the advent of.

Especially Paul Newman wearing Daytona entry, so this series is different. Panda Di is the number of Dietong lovers of the heart of the good, the reason why the panda so far today is still very hot. This long line of classic for decades, the heat diminished.