Blancpain diverse watches of fake product

Look at this only square inch size watch dial. Although its general size is about 40 mm. But through the hands of watchmakers, into a variety of technology, adding a variety of cultural elements, invisible can be “metamorphosis” out of endless artistic charm. This Blancpain diverse watches has not only a watch. It is worth a long-term collection and fine taste of art. Tentatively not here “boast” that this said that, and directly into the theme. Together look at several fusion of traditional crafts and cultural elements of the watch.

Blancpain Villeret series elephant head god Niege paragraph red copper craft watch

Watch Comments: This Blancpain diverse watches can be described as a typical representative of the Blancpain Villeret series. With the unique watchmaking process, won the 2015 GPHG the best craft watch award. The watch is mainly through the Damascus gold sculpture and the East red bronze painted these two ancient art craft carefully crafted. The center of the dial is decorated with the portrait of Ganesh, and the iconic elephant jumps on the dial.

The god of the head is the Hindu totem, for the Hindus, like the head of God is to break all the obstacles of God, but also all wisdom, knowledge and prudent god. A hand-carved gold throne in the center of the Hindu pattern on the dial is enough to prove its status. The watch with a diameter of 45 mm red gold trapezoidal case, dark brown crocodile leather strap, color with a harmonious and smooth. Equipped with Blancpain 15B manual winding movement, back through the design. Through the sapphire crystal glass bottom can be very clearly see the movement above the Geneva ripple.

Yakodro Art Workshop series elephant when the small dial watch

The watch belongs to the series of Jacques de Ateliersd’Art (art workshop). The production process is both a serious technical challenge, but also like a distant time travel. The watch uses an ancient Asian craft: from the Vietnamese egg shell fight art. The craft is used to make a unique painting, Jacques De Luo turned to use it on the watch dial production.

To the size of only 43 mm above the dial on the complete presentation of such a “giant” for the quail eggs involved in the extremely complex processing and dial pattern coating and miniature and so on. This is a serious challenge. Looking back at the dial, an elephant – a symbol of wisdom and strength – standing in a golden rice field, Enron. A symbol of modern people on the traditional farming civilization, can be described as a wonderful time travel. The replica watch is only issued eight. To enjoy the artistic innovation of Jacques De Luo and art workshop series of superb craftsmanship.

Vacheron Constantin Art Master Series 33222 / 000G-9550 watch

So the Blancpain diverse watches comes from Swiss and has many oriental elements. Is a typical Eastern and Western culture and the process of convergence from the watch. Its design and movement is undoubtedly from Switzerland. So the design and pattern of the dial design comes from the east, the process from Japan’s Maki-e (Maki-e) old shop like Yan, the pattern taken from the Oriental culture of carp. Maki is Japan’s unique paint gold craft, craftsmen first painted in the paint pattern pattern.

And then take advantage of the paint is not dry when the spray on the metal powder (usually gold, silver or copper), then on the number of paint, and then by grinding several times to make the pattern reveals a gorgeous metallic luster. The combination of carp and waterfalls symbolizes strength and will, in order to show the carp in the deep quiet water in the shuttle excellent tour of the dynamic.

Using iro-katame techniques to draw a three-dimensional sense of carp, the back of the slow flow of waterfalls. It is the use of gold ink maki bokashi blooming technology to show the dynamic effect. Which watch carrying Cal.1003SQ hand movement, power storage about 30 hours, 30 meters waterproof, back through the design. Through the bottom of the sapphire crystal glass can clearly see the movement of the overall operation of the process.

Blancpain, Jacques De Luo and Vacheron Constantin are the top Swiss watch brand, the world for all to see. Its product quality naturally no longer under the words. However, the modern society is not only an era of selling product quality. Or a sales “feelings” of the times, three brands have moves, not only the traditional oriental culture as the theme of dial. But also to the traditional process against the background and bedding, strokes did not fall.

The first Blancpain diverse watches with Damascus gold sculpture and Dongying red copper painting two traditional crafts, into the Hindu head god Gnies.

So the second paragraph of the watch using the Vietnamese egg shells embellishment process, into the elephant and rice fields to send modern people for the cultivation of civilization. The third watch with Japanese art, into the Oriental cultural elements of carp.