German watch calendar adjustment and precautions

German watch calendar adjustment

Calendar function may be regarded as the rolex replica watch the most simple additional features. it also has many types, the most common is the window calendar.

There are many forms of window calendar evolution.

for example: There are three types of speed from the conversion of calendar numbers:

(1) instantaneous jump, (2) fast jump, (3) slow climb.

Calendar window in the dial on the open position in the three-point drive at most, other locations are, but different, but the more unusual is the so-called “big eyes” calendar, that is the calendar of ten and a single digit Made of two dials, respectively, a situation shown. This number can be done relatively large, do not have to add a magnifying glass on the glass.

The watch with calendar function is not complicated in structure, and the main parts that constitute the calendar mechanism are: calendar dial, calendar dial wheel, calendar wheel, calendar positioning lever, calendar positioning lever spring, calendar dial wheel, calendar cover And screws and so on.

German watch calendar adjustment

German watch calendar adjustment

German watch calendar work principle

The power is transmitted from the hour wheel, and the calendar wheel is rotated once every 24 hours by the speed change of the calendar wheel. A dowel (spring or the like) is arranged on the calendar dial wheel for dialing the date dial Tooth.

Calendar dial has 31 teeth and characters, calendar positioning lever cut into the teeth of the calendar dial,

positioned under the pressure of rolex replica watches the calendar positioning rod spring play a role. If the jump form is slow climb or fast jump,

change the calendar when the calendar dial and the calendar dial will be a little bit of slow movement (from 8 pm to 12 pm);

if the jump form is instantaneous jump , Then there is a cam below the dial wheel, a large lever and a spring, and the calender dials a tooth (word) in a flash as the cam is compressed and suddenly released by the large lever.

German watch tune calendar tips

We know that the watch’s calendar device beats only once within 24 hours a day. However, the hour hand of the watch is rotated twice.

In the first case, the watch will change the calendar at 12 noon.

The correction is also very simple.

You just need to dial the watch clockwise one circle. In the second case, there are two ways to correct,

usually the current calendar (including the calendar) function of the watch,

the table gear has three files, when the watch is fully pushed,

also called “normal Gear “, this time the rotation of the watch can only be clockwork;

when the watch is completely pulled out, the watch can be positive or reverse dial needle,

in the” normal gear “and completely pull out the dial gear Between,

there is a stall, which is used to quickly adjust the calendar.

You need to slowly and carefully the watch will be in this stall, rotate the watch to accurately correct the calendar plate can be.

German watch calendar adjustment German watch calendar note

First, the German daily routine watch mechanical precautions First.

in order to avoid moisture infiltration into the German watch case and watch waterproof function, make sure that the crown in a locked form.

Second, the hand-wound movement of the watch should try to harmonize every day once, so watch in the next 24 hours have enough energy to operate.

Third, more than 40 hours have not worn before winding German watch.

it should be worn again, the crown change 20 laps to once again enlighten the head drive system.

Fourth, active winding watch movement, the energy originating from the arm of the wearer’s activity.

so the normal wearing condition without manual winding,

as long as the lack of activity by the wearer in order to add enough time to add energy spring can be manually Winding way to compensate.

German watch ash how to clean?

German watch ash how to clean? Wearing watches is of course a happy thing, but many people use the German watch but the process.

but because of the German watch a few glitches and open the German watch the back cover inspection. but because there is no professional dust-free maintenance environment Conducted. resulting in serious German watch into the ash.

German watch into the ash what are the reasons? watch into the ash how to clean?

German watch ash

German watch into the gray and watch quality are inseparable

Speaking of German watch rolex replica into the topic of gray, Xiaobian give everyone a common sense to popularize.

Under normal circumstances, the watch’s production process are in a vacuum clean environment, the German watch sealing conditions are very high, almost no gray phenomenon appears.

Therefore, the German watch into the ash and its own quality are inextricably linked. Nowadays. a better German waterproof performance is good.

but waterproof it is also dust-proof, and only poor quality German watches will over time. resulting in a small amount of dust into.

German watch into the ash reason

Under normal circumstances, the German watch sealing is very high, causing the German watch into the ash what are the reasons?

In addition to artificially disassemble the German watch back cover, the German watch into ash for two main reasons.

First, you should first check your watch is tight, whether due to aging cracks or the overall case and the case (ring) are loose.

Because the German watch closed bad, usually into the ash on the water. The second reason is due to internal wear, because the ash on the dial does not come from the outside.

German watch ash how to clean?

Found that the German watch replica watches into the ash, do not easily open the back cover cleaning.

should be promptly sent to the professional areas such as after-sales cleansing.

but also to do regular waterproofing test and travel time accuracy testing to ensure its normal operation.

At the same time, we must also pay attention to German watches do not come into contact with chemicals in daily life.

Waterproof table anti-cold water is not hot water.

so do not wear it to take a bath.

to avoid water vapor in order to ensure its waterproof effect.

and then adjust the watch after the German. remember to restore the crown, according to Yan, to avoid dust enter.