watch knowledge-Very important

Watch knowledge
Stand in front of the guide asked what type of watch you want.can not you say it is not very embarrassing. So, let’s first understand the type of watch. Common watches have mechanical watches. quartz watches, photodynamic energy wave table.

watch knowledge.Mechanical watch
Mechanical watches are generally divided into two types: manual winding and automatic winding. Power is from the movement within the tight winding, driven by the clockwork gear and then promote the hands.

watch knowledge

Manual mechanical watch is to rely on manual winding power spring.the thickness of the movement than the general self-winding thin. lighter weight. If you want to keep the watch need to be careful about tightening the wad at any time. but tightening the wig will cause the watch to be damaged.

Automatic mechanical watch a mechanical manual  an improvement. the only difference set in a table around the clockwork rotated pendulum Tuo. the pendulum Tuo around the power swing to generate power to drive the clockwork.

Ordinary automatic mechanical watches still retain the manual winding function. only some cheaper automatic mechanical movement.will omit this feature.

Because the wrist activity will watch continuous winding.

automatic mechanical watches have the function of preventing winding too tight. in order to avoid winding damage.rolex replica watches

Quartz watch travel time second hand is a jump.walking time is very accurate. easy to use. no need to wear clockwork.

a battery is generally available 2-3 years.

some quartz watches with lithium batteries.longer life expectancy. price relative to mechanical watches Cheaper.

watch knowledge.Light energy table

Light energy table can absorb any visible light source and converted into kinetic energy to drive the operation of the watch.

Due to the use of batteries that do not a limited amount of earth resources and reduce pollution.

making it a truly eco-friendly product.

watch knowledge.Radio wave table
The time is issued by the national time center and received by the radio receiving system. The time is displayed by the CPU after processing. The error of the radio wave meter for 300,000 years will not exceed one second.