Vrious classic watches of fake series

Vrious classic watches:So the United States helmsman series is a good choice to show women’s intellectual charm. Because the whole watch is trying to show the beauty of the female curve. 31 mm diameter dial, 50 meters waterproof depth, sapphire scratch-resistant mirror under the protection of the next.

You can clearly see the whirlpool of Geneva waveform dial, accompanied by eight natural diamonds to make this watch stand out. A few diamonds in the vortex background showing the feeling of rivets, not too many complex details, in exchange for the chic and capable temperament. This table is a relatively low-key diamond rolex uk.

Kutu series intended to interpret women always blooming variety of light. Like a woman sometimes need to show the fashion side of the generous, and sometimes need to pass out the gentle, elegant Xian Shu temperament. Kutu series of female watch watch body lines round and smooth, simple revealed diamonds female table introverted fashion. So dial outer ring inlaid with 52 small and exquisite precious diamonds, reflecting the colorful light.

With two words to describe the Omega constellation diamond female watch can be: bright, retro. So this vrious classic watches case diameter of 27 mm, case and bracelet are made of 18K red gold and refine steel material.

So the bezel is decorated with 132 bright cut diamonds with a total weight of 0.5 kt. Because the blue dial also comes with 12 single-cut diamonds embellishment hour scale, total weight 0.12 karats. For this section of the constellation watch to provide power is the Omega 1376 quartz movement. A highly acclaimed movement due to its high precision.

Vrious classic watches:Cartier brand itself is a “emperor’s jeweler, jeweler’s emperor.”

It’s diamond watch must not be wrong, this diamond-studded blue balloon can be use to describe the luxury of luxury, dial set 11 diamonds. Carefully selected top diamonds, perfect gorgeous design. So the blue balloon watch into a woman’s dream of love Jane pet. Inlaid on the dial above the clear diamond. With a pink crocodile leather strap to convey the charming grace.;