Popular fake series of various brands watches

About the moon’s beautiful imagination, men actually want to be more abundant in women. Men are not only indulged in the beauty of the flowers under the moon accompanied, will also imagine this planet from the Earth fake rolex behind the existence of biological existence. In the watch world, the moon also gives watchmakers the most romantic design inspiration. The more the most poetic function was born – the moon phase. Moonlight moonlight from this month, all in circulation on the wrist.

Vacheron Constantin masterpiece series 47300 / 000G-9064 watch

Maltese cross the moon under the square phase popular fake series watch, rose gold and brown Mississippi crocodile skin with even more distinguished. Suitable for older men.

Blancpain moon show series 6654-3642-55B watch

Mention Moonphase, you have to mention Blancpain. Mention Po Blanc had to mention Villeret series. 2011 Basel Villeret series introduced a new paragraph, the new plus 2mm table diameter, reached 40mm. More in line with the customer’s aesthetic, the market performance is naturally quite good. 6654 platinum and rose gold in the major Blancpain store out of stock is a good proof. The company is located in:

Breguet classic series 7137BA / 11 / 9V6 gold watch

Complex and special style, recognition is very high. Such a complicated design case thickness actually only 8.65 mm, more commendable. Breguet with a gold case with classic polished pattern more prominent elegance of the temperament of the owner.

Glashütte Pano Classic Series 90-02-14-02-04 watch

A very toxic phase of a moon watch, at least my friends around for many years, “remember” it. Glashütte representative three circle heart dial design. Moon phase function at 2 o’clock position, personality is also very eye-catching. Stainless steel case to reduce the price, it also makes it into the middle class purchase list.

Slim section design, the thickness of only 4mm! This is due to Audemars Piguet Cal.2120 / 2802 movement! Dial is not common white, but with a little gray, Aude’s logo close to the moon phase function. Enough to clear the theme of the replica watch, in addition to the price a little expensive, is simply the perfect choice for the moon phase watch.

Earl Emperador Pincushion Moon Series G0A34021 Watch

Belongs to the Earl Black Belt series of moon phase watch, moon phase function to imitate the lunar surface uneven. Expressive nature did not say. Before starting to pay attention to this section of the moon table diameter of up to 46.5mm, money can hold live under the premise. Also need to consider whether people can hold this watch.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Series Q1368420 watch

Less than 80,000 price, start the top brands of moon phase popular fake series watch, the price did not say. This section of master series is the moon phase watch simple models. Can be seen as a big three-pin product to increase the function of a month. The watch owner must be a particularly romantic young talent.

Mido moon phase series M8607.3.M1.4 watch

Mido Belen Sai series also has a watch with moon phase function. But also with a date display, week display, month display, timekeeping function, the price of less than 20,000. Be regarded as the most value entry-level complex moon phase watch.

Raymond Wei Maestro series 2839-STC-00209 watch

Dial grinding complex, full of three-dimensional pattern and is very “very good” a moon phase table. There Jiang Wen couple endorsement, not too bright enough?

Men who like watches have the need to have a monthly list. It may not be your first Popular fake series watch, nor the last one.

But it must be the one that gives you the most romance.