Swiss tissot product of fashion wrist watch

In 2010, So tissot launched the charm of the time series watches, located in the people-friendly fashion it, simple classic design. Popular on the Internet. In 2017, the brand launched a series of sincerity embracing young people. That is when Tissot charm series of mechanical watches.

Recently, we visited the Tissot Direct Store located in the Oriental Plaza in Beijing. In many beautiful watch to see this one watch. So the simple appearance of the line with the blue nylon strap fire in recent years, impressive. Below, take a look: (watch model: T109.407.17.032.00)

Each swiss tissot product charm when the watch with different shapes, tone and style. Cater to all kinds of wearer’s mood and taste. Although each series in the transmission of a different attitude and characteristics of watches, but always wild. Just as this Tissot Tissot charm series of new mechanical watches the same. 40 mm watch diameter and automatic movement, the configuration of the blue nylon strap, men / women wear very fit.

replica watches with 40 mm stainless steel case. After the brand carefully polished material presents a tough and windy and full of beautiful lines. Stainless steel crown, engraved Tissot LOGO “T” pattern. Surrounded by non-slip texture design, and polished polished. So that the operation feel superior to facilitate commissioning.

Simple and clear white disk, with a thin pointer and time scale. Wrist presents a unique sense of minimalist quality. And black and white contrast is more intuitive. So make time instructions clear and improve efficiency. 3 The timepiece position is the calendar display window.

Back through the process, given the watch behind a mechanical look and feel enjoyment, do not have some fun. Inside the watch equipped with a Swissmatic self-winding mechanical movement. To ensure the accuracy of travel time, power reserve of 72 hours.

Blue nylon strap, with stainless steel pin buckle. So watch the overall look sunshine. In addition, the strap can be selected according to color preferences. Customize your own wrist Wristwatch.

Swiss tissot product:Because simple and rich sense of quality, charm series is being more attention of young swiss tissot product lovers.

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