Rolex watches adjust time

Rolex watches adjust time

Rolex is the classic Swiss watch industry brand. The first sign of the Rolex watch is a palm outstretched fingers. which means that the brand’s watch is completely crafted by hand, and later gradually evolved into a registered trademark of the crown, the Rolex brand enjoys popular support in the country, the brand in-depth People i buy an endless stream of people. To buy more people also need to know how to use the watch. Today, we talk about how to adjust Rolex time?

Rolex proofing date and day of the week method

rolex replica watches mechanical watches in the need to change the date and week, as long as the first gear from the first gear gently pulled out to the second gear, rotate the crown counterclockwise quickly adjust the calendar, clockwise rotation of the crown quickly adjust the calendar. But at 30 o’clock in the morning until 2:30 am the next day can not be quickly dial to prevent errors and damage to the parts.

Rolex watches adjust time

Watch adjust the time method,Rolex watches adjust time

When you need to adjust the time (dial needle), the handle should be fully pulled to the third gear. and then turn the handle can be lost when the needle.

However, in order to align the time, usually when the second hand went 12 o’clock hour, and then pull the handle to the third gear.

then power off stop seconds, then press the standard time on time, points. To be the standard time of seconds come 12 o’clock the whole point.

is about to push the handle back to the first gear I position, the circuit connected. Hands can be synchronized with the standard time operation.

Rolex mechanical watch on how much?,Rolex watches adjust time

Generally speaking, the average normal winding to 30.

the basic is full, (the premise is that you want to be full of) hands on the watch does not matter, as long as you can not turn until the clock is full.

especially if worn for the first time or stopped and then need to use your hands to open the clockwork.

rolex replica watches mechanical winding need to pay attention to what? How to adjust the date of Rolex mechanical watches?

(Wearing the initial wear recommendations we do not rely on Automatic Tuo string) We all know, because the automatic watch is “unhappy chord”, so the number of automatic watches on the number of suggestions rather not less, may be more than a few, such as on To 40, the basic protection can be full.

Rolex watch mechanical watch winding matters needing attention

Any so-called “automatic” thing is not unconditional, mechanical things, of course, to abide by the principle of watches.

watches are the same, to “auto” premise is your own arm to move first, according to the principle of physics work, the object moves horizontally Doing work (unless you accelerate the swing), so the wrist shift can not make the watch winding.

Rolex watches adjust time

Rolex watch mechanical winding need to pay attention to what? How to adjust the date of the Rolex mechanical watch

The best way to auto-winding watch should be along the plane of automatic Tuo, swing arm up and down.

then Tuo rotation maximum, but if Tuo along the axis up and down shaking, automatic Tuo does not rotate.