Montblanc mens moon phase automatic mechanical watch

firstly Montblanc watch series vary greatly, with the new Heritage Chronométrie, Heritage Spirit and Tradition series, but also a change of 1858 Collection. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Star collection. The brand launches a new version of its Star Legacy collection, which includes the third year, the moon phase and the tourbillon. The protagonist of this article is Montblanc Star Legacy Moonphase.

Star is Montblanc’s flagship one of the most representative series. if the sports section will think of TimeWalker, then the money is Star Star. Series has been 20 years of history, has introduced a number of small complex watch.

and an extension of the Star Classique series. and the new Star Legacy has not changed dramatically. is to fine-tune the details.
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Let me start with the case. Montblanc Star Legacy series moon phase watch diameter 42 mm, the overall polished polished.

bezel curved surface design. lining onion-shaped crown. crown top is the brand watch indispensable hexagonal star logo.

The biggest change in the case lugs, from the long round head into a curved cone, the outline of the more elegant and beautiful stream.

It should be noted that this moon phase watch crown is only used to adjust the time.

it also has the case at 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock with buttons. the right button to adjust the date. set the moon phase on the left. This is a point deduction for me.

Although I only have to adjust the date five times a year. I am not the kind of person who adjusts my calendar on the morning of the morning one by one. I always think of or find a date to be rectified. It is not readily available, it is inconvenient. omega replica

The 42mm case provides plenty of space for the dial. leaving the 6th-position sub-disc with the Moonphase window and date handgrip without the seconds displayed. making the face more spacious.

Although Star series is also commonly used Arabic numerals hour scale with willow pin.hexagonal star engraved pattern.

but Star Legacy used a new way for the actress. for example. change the orbital minute scale circle. and replaced by drawing from US anti-pocket watch digital font.

Most of the design in the past seen in the Roman numeral scale section.

the inner plate is not hexagonal star decoration.

In addition.

more light in the light of the texture.


firstly Made from the Montblanc Pelletteria leather workshop in Florence. Italy, the crocodile strap strapped on the watch is available in black and blue with metal chain straps.

At present. Montblanc’s series and works models are extremely rich.

but I am curious if you really need so many similar types of series. Heritage Chronométrie.

at a glance Just the difference between scale matching, or many options is its strategy.