Masculine metal texture, Rolex 116520

Rolex 116520. rolex is a famous watch manufacturer in Switzerland. is one of the watch brands with the largest market share in the world today. It is also a reputable brand both in the watch industry and the industry. The predecessor of the brand, founded in 1905 and formally registered as a rolex trademark in 1908.

has now evolved into a massive watch empire that has 24 large service centers in major metropolitan areas around the world. And an annual output of 450,000 or so watches. This time, we introduce a rolex watch empire boutique watch, rolex 116520.

rolex 116520 watch is a men’s automatic mechanical watch, this watch case is round, 40 mm diameter table, made of 904L stainless steel. Polished case after treatment, exudes silver metallic luster, showing a very tough masculinity. Dial color is black, three chronograph dial as the distribution of the three pillars above the dial, the dial layout looks organized, but also make the watch look more beautiful. In addition to sapphire crystal glass mirror and stainless steel strap foil. we can say that the appearance of this watch is very good.

Rolex 116520
The rolex replica 116520 watch with the function is not much, not too powerful, but its function is very real. Time display by the central hour hand and the central minute

hand with a small second hand dial at 6 o’clock to complete.

the release of the central second hand. It can serve the function of timing.

Timekeeping function by the central second hand and 3 o’clock position of the 30-minute timer seconds.

9 o’clock position 12-hour timer seconds to achieve together by the timepiece on the right side of the timer start / stop button and the timer reset button control. operation Simple and easy to grasp.

Rolex 116520

This rolex 116520 watch carrying the Cal.4030 movement, which is a self-winding movement.

is based on September 1969 Zenith EI Primero movement-based movement to improve .

rolex 116520 omega replica watch with its classic design and excellent features with the watch has become a classic watch among them.

Its rolex classic styling coupled with tough metal. exudes a masculine masculinity.

while the black dial design adds a touch of mystery to the watch as a whole.

In terms of performance with a classic Cal.4030 movement as a support enough to reassuring.