IWC pilot series of best selling watch

People like this watch brand of nations, the series of large pilots will not be unfamiliar. Very large dial diameter and impressive watch quality impressive. Each watch is accurate, durable and reliable combination of the perfect. The introduction of the watch, is the series under the limit edition of a calendar rose gold watch. Set a cutting-edge technology and advanced watchmaking technology in one, with a number of special features. Like a miniature cockpit on the wrist, so you seem to be a professional pilot of the aircraft.

The series is named after the special Fighter Tactical Training course (its famous alias Top Gun) from the U.S. Navy Fighter Defense School. Anyone who can master the most modern jet and successfully complete the course will be the world’s most train, responsive and courageous elite pilot.

International large pilot series watch features detailed map

Large pilots series watches is essential is the large size dial. So this watch dial diameter of 48 mm, definitely worthy of the name of a large pilot. Rose gold case with a black dial, luxury with a steady taste.

So the upper part of the dial is locate in the two aircraft profile windows on the 12 o’clock moon phase display. Respectively indicate the lunar phase state of the northern and southern hemispheres. In each of the 29.5-day lunar months, there is only about a 12-second error in the replica watches uk imitation of the lunar orbit.

So the lower part of the dial shows a rather rich content. In addition to the calendar display, at 3 o’clock in the middle of the small dial there is power reserve display. Relative to the 9 o’clock position small dial in the middle of the dial for small seconds. The concave design of the outer ring and the design of the different shape of the pointer makes the small bezel is effectively use.

Because the side of the crown design is very eye-catching, with the wide side with the coordination of the case. Rose gold case and crown extravagant.

IWC pilot series in the choice of strap more traditional. Chose a black crocodile leather strap. However, the strap can be replace. If you like, you can change all kinds of strap for love table.

Folding clasp also uses a rose gold material. In line with the design of the IWC pilot series watch.

Wrist watch equipped with a homemade 51614-type movement. Its Billeron-wound system is one of the highest-performing self-winding systems to date. After 1,960 operations, a full seven-day power reserve is generated by the spring-load disc and the Billerny Pawl winding system.

So the highlight of the watch is a perpetual calendar with a four-digit year display, date, day of the week and month. The display can be easily set through the crown, and automatically run forward. Perpetual calendar only need to be adjust in 2100 (because 2100 is not a leap year, breaking the tradition of a 4 year leap year cycle). The current century shows have included 20, 21 and 22 figures. Therefore, it can be applied until December 31, 2299.

This universal IWC pilot series of rose gold calendar limited edition watch, luxurious appearance, the atmosphere steady, very attractive.

Watch workmanship, built-in powerful movement, to ensure the accuracy and duration of travel. Perpetual calendar function is very useful in daily life. Up to 7 days of power reserve so that you avoid a lot of worries. So this watch for the limited edition of 2011 models. However, currently on the market or you can buy this watch, like friends do not miss.

Best IWC product of fake watches

Top Gun Navy Air Combat Miramar watch

Best IWC product Top Brand Navy Air Force Miramar Chronograph. Combined with the military design elements. Israeli green as the main colors of the watch. While the function to meet the pilot’s timing necessary. With a unique minute outer ring and hour inner ring, can be reminiscent of the 30’s to 40’s sophisticated chronograph watch.

Miramar watch inherited the classic design of the nations, and the integration of the long tradition of making pilots watch. Next, please feel with the watch family together Top Gun Navy Air Force Miramar chronograph watch. The official model is: IW388002

Silver gray and military green style with the whole watch more rich military atmosphere. 46 mm classic round dial for the military is gone and not. In the function to meet the naval air combat when the necessary time information.

As shown in the figure, the dark gray dial brings together a variety of functions in one: 12 o’clock position for 60 minutes cumulative time display dial. 6 o’clock position for the small seconds dial; 3 o’clock position for the date display window. The second chronograph is indicated by the center second hand.

So the upper button on the right side of the case is “Timing start / pause”. So the middle of the crown; under the button “clock to zero”. At the same time, the second hand has a one-piece flyback function. As long as the chronograph stop when running the zero button, the timing pointer will return to zero, and then start a new time.

So the Best IWC product replica watch uses titanium metal, ceramic to create case and crown. To the classic round design-based fight. 16.5 mm case thickness, appearance looks very tough, vivid type, it is the military should have the quality and spirit. So this watch is made as a military symbol. Its shape and aircraft cockpit within the altimeter is very similar.

Titanium metal crown and timing buttons, mechanical sense is very strong. So the knurled crown design is as fine as the gears.

46 mm large dial, in addition to outside the dial color, the integration of black, yellow and red for the design style. Arabic numerals and geometric markers are alternately presented. 12 o’clock marked with a positive triangle for the logom. The whole clear and easy to read. Dial outer ring time mark for the minute mark. Red inner ring when the hour mark for the hour mark.

Central clock and minute hand design angular, the middle of the yellow. Use black edges to make the reading more clear and accurate.

Army green is a special element of military themes. So this watch with a military green satin strap is a high respect for the flight of soldiers.

Titanium metal to create a closed bottom cover, engraved with “TOP GUN” classic logo. While the pilot signs as a whole appearance. Will be the military image of the most vividly.

So the watch uses a homemade 89365 self-winding chronograph movement. Improved by 68 hours to ensure the power reserve. And the movement frequency reached 28,800 times per hour.

Integrated the design of the altimeter in the cockpit. Both in terms of function or in appearance are cool feeling full. Can make people more sensitive to the time to master.

Military theme of the Best IWC product watch is not less.

But can do so sophisticated and eclectic design, it is rare.

Men leather watches of IWC product

Vientiane St. Ai Xiu Bai Li commemorative edition of the sixth generation of watches so far launched a total of six versions. Today is to introduce you to the world of St. Ai Xiu Bai Li commemorative edition of the sixth generation watch. St. Ai Xiu Bai Li commemorative version of the watch is to commemorate the flight pioneer St. Ai Xiu Bai and launched a series of watches.

This sixth-generation watch will be the pioneer of the flight era of the characteristics and the most modern watch craftsmanship in one. The official model of the watch is: IW387806.

From 2006 onwards, IWC to St. Ai Xiu Bai as the theme of creation. Making the world more than 70 years of history of the pilot watch tradition, with the great French pilots combined life. Pilots chronograph watch holy repair Bai Li special edition is a men’s timepieces. With outstanding technical performance and distinctive instrument modeling. This Men leather watches without losing the modern style, but it reflects the history of the early pilots watch tradition.

This chronograph Men leather watches with a brown dial and milky white stitch decorated calfskin strap. swiss replica watches the watchman at a glance that this is a typical version of the special edition of St. Ai Xiu Bai. Polished and satin matte treatment and the structure of the artistic sense of the surface treatment highlights the charm of the case. While the sun radiation-shaped decorative dial is more elegant atmosphere.

The thin side of the watch is designed with the famous French pilots. St. Ai Xiu Bai wrote: “The so-called perfect, obviously not can not do the supplement, but can not be deleted.” This design is fully consistent with this concept.

Watch with a brown calfskin strap, calfskin strap with creamy silk thread sewing. So that connoisseur is a glimpse of St. Ai Xiu Bai Li commemorative edition of the classic shape.

So t he sixth generation of St. Ai Xi Bai Li Memorial Edition watch launched a total of two versions, 18K rose gold section of a fine section, 18K rose fine limited edition of 500. Stainless steel section is not limited, that is, we introduce this one today. Case after drawing polishing.

Watch with exquisite dial modification, blend of smooth and silky matte elements. Greatly enhance the overall shape of the watch, the dial of the radiation-shaped sunshine ornaments more highlights the excellent texture of the watch.

Watch 12 o’clock position of the accumulator in combination with the hour hand, minute hand, fly back function, small seconds attached to the stop device. So no need to set the second small dial for the cumulative time, the other shape more clean.

Have the perfect curvature of the ear is also made of stainless steel, and the use of drawing polishing. Table mirror used for double-sided anti-reflective convex sapphire glass table mirror. Can withstand sudden drop pressure and not loose.

Watch used for folding clasp design, clasp is also used to build stainless steel. And engraved with folding IWC logo. Folding buckle to wear safe and convenient, easy to adjust.

So this watch is designed for the secret design. So the back is decorate to represent the sculpture of Lightning P-38, the last plane of St. Ai Xiu Bai. Watch equipped with 89361 self-winding movement. So the full chain can provide 68 hours of power reserve.

Men leather watches:So this section of St. Ai Xiu Bai Li commemorative edition of the continuation of the perpetrators of the series of consistent style.

Using a large diameter of 43 mm design, such a table diameter is not everyone can control. Want to like a friend must go to the store to wear, try the effect.

Swiss fashion of replica watch

As mentioned above, most of the world Swiss fashion replica watches through the dial outside the 24 time zone to see the time and through the button to control the local time zone. At the beginning of the SIHH, a pilot of the world time watch world wrist watch, the price is not expensive. There is no gorgeous central earth pattern. But its unique way of tuning makes me unforgettable.

This pilots world time watch is the first to be able to operate only by rotation. You can set the watch for the new time zone mechanical watch. Its change in the traditional world when the show. Will be on behalf of 24 time zone name of the country on top of the bezel. The wearer simply presses the bezel and rotates to the desired time zone to 12 o’clock. And release again, hour hand, 24 hours day and night display, and the date will automatically adjust accordingly. Also, in each country with a daylight saving time, there is a small “S” mark on the rotating bezel.

The differential gear (located in the gear system between the rotating bezel and the hour wheel) is the core of this mechanism. Which can be achieved on the clockwise continuous drive and time zone jump adjustment

In order to prevent the rotation of the time zone bezel in the daily wear of the misuse. More in the bezel control up and down some effort. Can be completely unlock the bezel in two directions to operate the rotation. When loosening, the spring ensures that the bezel returns to its original position again. This mechanism effectively avoids the accident in the time zone. Rotate the bezel’s mesh to ensure that the bezel stops at the desired location or at the “S” of the representative daylight saving time.

And when the city circle is turned, the white hour hand moves forward or backward in hours. And display the time required for the time zone. At the same time, the black and red 24-hour pointer in the 24-hour inner circle shows day and night. If the line is changed across the date, the date is also moved forward or backward one day according to the bezel rotation. Since the hour wheel with a 24-hour pointer is connected to the date conversion. All displays can be adjusted at the same time. This novel world watch price of 93,100 yuan, the innovative way to quickly adjust the time zone. Suitable for people who are willing to early adopters.

In general, the world watch is divide into 24 cities according to the Greenwich time zone is a general case, 24 the whole point of time zone. In the movement of the structure is relatively easy. But there are fewer parts of the powerful world when the Swiss fashion watch will cover more cities. Such as Glashütte original in the year before the introduction of the members of the World watch.

Just turn the 4 o’clock position of the crown, the movement of the excellent time zone body will start. Automatically adjust to the destination accurate time, day and night display, and even date display

Glashütte original independent research and development of the world when the display function. Including two dials can display two time zones at the same time, as well as both day and night display, and accurate balance between the daylight saving time and standard time system. The Swiss fashion watch can display 37 time zones around the world (including hours, half hours, and 15 minutes or 45 minutes difference time zone). Each time zone is represent by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) airport code. Once the original staff of Glashütte told me that the first batch of members of the world when the watch. In fact, it shows 38 time zones. Because North Korea had announced the use of independent time zone time. So it was a separate time zone.

Although the Swiss fashion watch has two dial, but the adjustment is very simple, just to complete the location of the time and the date of the initial settings.

Then, when you want to set any destination time. Just turn the 4 o’clock position clockwise and the center hour and minute hands will turn forward in 15-minute units. Until the airport code representing the destination time zone appears in the daylight saving time (DST) or standard (STD) window, and vice versa. At this point, the destination time at a glance. The center hour and minute hands will display the exact time of the destination. In addition the destination day and night display and date will automatically adjust.

IWC watch of fake series

IWC watch:Recently, we visited the Oriental Plaza in Beijing, the country’s stores, chat with the staff in a harmonious conversation, we understand that this year’s replica watches show on the Wensheng series of watches have been to the store in the sale. And most of last year’s classic series of pilots series of watches and excellent engineers series of watches are also selling hot.

Among them, a fine and bright universal Wensheng moon phase automatic watch 36 diamond diamond models to attract our attention. In the shop under the soft light of the irradiation, even more charm and elegance. the following. Take a look:

Every year, the nations will add new members to their series. This year the arrival of the Da Vinci series. Heritage series 80’s classic perfect round case, the new mobile ear design. Make the new timetable elegant, delicate series of unique charm.

Moderate size of 36 mm case diameter, moon phase profit and loss show complex functions, semi-circular crown and precious material and other elements to join. But also makes the watch can be more in line with the needs of modern watch. Is also a combination of traditional and contemporary design.

In the magnificent, luxurious dazzling 54 shell diamond against the background. 36 mm steel case looks luxurious and full of texture. In place of the details of the deal, so that the case is more attractive, very beautiful.

The cover is engraved with “flower of life”. A symbol of creativity, technology and aesthetics of the combination, highly ornamental and commemorative significance. Equipped with 35800 self-winding movement. To ensure the daily travel and moon phase function of the precise display.

Brown Santoni crocodile leather strap, stainless steel folding buckle

IWC watch:36 mm table diameter not only the ladies can control, and the wrist more men can also try.

In addition, the store’s pilots and engineers models is also a relatively good wrist to share. At this point, the store’s IWC watch type is more complete. Like the country or the recent purchase of the table table friends, may wish to go and see.