IWC pilot series of best selling watch

People like this watch brand of nations, the series of large pilots will not be unfamiliar. Very large dial diameter and impressive watch quality impressive. Each watch is accurate, durable and reliable combination of the perfect. The introduction of the watch, is the series under the limit edition of a calendar rose gold watch. Set a cutting-edge technology and advanced watchmaking technology in one, with a number of special features. Like a miniature cockpit on the wrist, so you seem to be a professional pilot of the aircraft.

The series is named after the special Fighter Tactical Training course (its famous alias Top Gun) from the U.S. Navy Fighter Defense School. Anyone who can master the most modern jet and successfully complete the course will be the world’s most train, responsive and courageous elite pilot.

International large pilot series watch features detailed map

Large pilots series watches is essential is the large size dial. So this watch dial diameter of 48 mm, definitely worthy of the name of a large pilot. Rose gold case with a black dial, luxury with a steady taste.

So the upper part of the dial is locate in the two aircraft profile windows on the 12 o’clock moon phase display. Respectively indicate the lunar phase state of the northern and southern hemispheres. In each of the 29.5-day lunar months, there is only about a 12-second error in the replica watches uk imitation of the lunar orbit.

So the lower part of the dial shows a rather rich content. In addition to the calendar display, at 3 o’clock in the middle of the small dial there is power reserve display. Relative to the 9 o’clock position small dial in the middle of the dial for small seconds. The concave design of the outer ring and the design of the different shape of the pointer makes the small bezel is effectively use.

Because the side of the crown design is very eye-catching, with the wide side with the coordination of the case. Rose gold case and crown extravagant.

IWC pilot series in the choice of strap more traditional. Chose a black crocodile leather strap. However, the strap can be replace. If you like, you can change all kinds of strap for love table.

Folding clasp also uses a rose gold material. In line with the design of the IWC pilot series watch.

Wrist watch equipped with a homemade 51614-type movement. Its Billeron-wound system is one of the highest-performing self-winding systems to date. After 1,960 operations, a full seven-day power reserve is generated by the spring-load disc and the Billerny Pawl winding system.

So the highlight of the watch is a perpetual calendar with a four-digit year display, date, day of the week and month. The display can be easily set through the crown, and automatically run forward. Perpetual calendar only need to be adjust in 2100 (because 2100 is not a leap year, breaking the tradition of a 4 year leap year cycle). The current century shows have included 20, 21 and 22 figures. Therefore, it can be applied until December 31, 2299.

This universal IWC pilot series of rose gold calendar limited edition watch, luxurious appearance, the atmosphere steady, very attractive.

Watch workmanship, built-in powerful movement, to ensure the accuracy and duration of travel. Perpetual calendar function is very useful in daily life. Up to 7 days of power reserve so that you avoid a lot of worries. So this watch for the limited edition of 2011 models. However, currently on the market or you can buy this watch, like friends do not miss.