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Hot selling watch:Enjoy the simple three completely forgotten replica watches new products

Because every year in March Basel International Watch and Jewelery Show, is a great overview of the annual new event. Newly dubious, memorable. In the taste of new products, in addition to amazing process of complex and superb.This article, the editor will give you a few friends of the table design simple design of new products. People at first sight.
Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra to the Astronomical Observatory table

So omega new hippocampus series calendar watch after a new interpretation. With a new gesture debut 2017 Basel senior watch exhibition, the new work more simple atmosphere. Compared to earlier design, the most significant change in the new watch is the “teak concept” dial vertical texture into a horizontal texture.

Visually more elegant, in addition to the date window from 3 o’clock position to 6 o’clock position. A new symmetry of the United States jumped disk. Careful observation is not difficult to find, the past hippocampus series watch dial on the waterproof coefficient words have also been moved to the back of the case. But also more simple introverted. In the strict standards of measurement, to achieve a high degree of accuracy.
Bulgari OCTO Series 102703 watch

Bulgari full of new products this year to bring full freshness. This new Octo Roma Hot selling watch presents an elegant posture with new designs.So this article recommended the table is 18K rose gold with steel material to create the case, 41 mm diameter, the case structure is clear.

With 110 facets, the classic octagonal and perfect blend of rounds. This is not common in the design of watches and clocks, Bulgari watchmakers through superb skills to bring unprecedented extreme aesthetics. Simple white dial with the octagonal shell with the same color of the time scale and the pointer. In addition there is not much embellishment.
Chopard L.U.C Series 168592-3001 watch

Simple style is always at first sight, this new Chopard L.U.C series XP ultra-thin stainless steel Hot selling watch the ultimate design sense of refined fashion and elegant atmosphere. 40 mm size case with stainless steel material to create, with a simple silver dial. To create a symmetrical balance of the United States, accompanied by blue steel pointer, fresh and elegant yet stylish. Inside the watch is equipped with an ultra-thin automatic winding mechanical movement. For the watch to provide accurate travel and kinetic energy reserves.

More than three Hot selling watch simple, introverted, low-key, in line with nowadays people for the pursuit of simple style.

No matter what kind of dress with, have shown the watch with the elegance and fashion. Recently have a plan to buy a friend, may wish to concern.