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Jaecker LeCoultre Master Grande Tradition Q5023402 watch

Dial flying inside the flying tourbillon as a driving force. Used to calculate the so-called star day, rather than the general time, and depict the exquisite northern hemisphere starry sky. At the outer edge of the dial, a sun runs on the dial for exactly 24 hours. In addition, the bezel also shows the zodiac sign and month sign.

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Hot selling blancpain watch:Enamel coloring dial, through the 6 o’clock position of the window, the time cam and the top of the paw are clearly visible. The window on the dial is the time to show the cam. The relationship between the Earth’s rotation and the orbit is shown by the exact calculation of the shape. And the earth is tilted around the sun, and it shows the silhouette of some of our solar systems.

Goblin Cat’S Eye 80483D53P761-KK7A watch

So the new Cat’s Eye calendar rolex replica watches brings together the standard time, moon phase and constellation calendar. By the GP Girard Perregaux table developed their own top movement out of a pleasing moon-hui-hui picture. Accurate movement function is not bad seconds, more active traces of the zodiac.

Below the dial, a flashing lucky star dragging the hollow window, twelve constellations with the month of the season transfer. So the center of the dial shows the profit and loss.

Although the star watch is often millions of the price. But this still does not hinder them in the bezel super high popularity. At the same time for the brand, to be able to produce a unique star of the star watch is the brand status of the upgrade.

Hot selling blancpain watch:From the above for everyone to recommend the style which we are not difficult to find this collection of sophisticated watchmaking technology brands are the absolute line of the original bowl of the brand.

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