Fake zenith of fashion watch

Fake zenith:The history of the public, these most famous have been launched Panda brand. Are the current and today’s mechanical timing of the pioneer brand. Start with Cal.11, the general view that Cal.11 is the first watch in the history of automatic watch movement. This movement by several watch factory research and development, including Breitling, Hamilton, Buren, TAG Heuer and DD, carrying the movement of the fake rolex. Because this movement, these watch factory has a good automatic chronograph movement, although big and thick.

In the manual movement, the first half of the last century, manual chronograph movement has become more mature. Even today’s manual chronograph movement is also the reference to the design. At that time, a few well-known movement models are Valjoux 23, Valjoux 72, Midea Cal.13-20, Lemania 1873, FP, Longines 13 ZN and 30 CH. As well as Movado and so on. And these movements are not exclusive to a brand, but also supply to other brands. Thanks to these mature manual movement and symmetrical timing disk design. Panda plate is also equipped with these movements on the watch have been used.

Fake zenith EL PRIMERO movement launched in 1969, and Cal.11 is the same period of the product. Its characteristic is to improve the vibration frequency. In that era is very groundbreaking. From the mainstream 18000VPH, 21600VPH and 28800VPH three kinds of vibration frequency out, increased to 36000VPH, very avant-garde. At the same time this is an integrated self-winding chronograph movement. Real force when the famous panda disk chronograph, also began to glory in that era.

In addition, the famous Rolex Daytona. There are many panda design, the model to 6262,6263-based, including Paul Newman Daytona. Although Rolex in the official name of its chronograph for the Daytona series before, it has been in the timetable.

Fake zenith but really hot up, is the 1963 Dietong series after the advent of.

Especially Paul Newman wearing Daytona entry, so this series is different. Panda Di is the number of Dietong lovers of the heart of the good, the reason why the panda so far today is still very hot. This long line of classic for decades, the heat diminished.