Fake omega watches of best popular series

Mention super fake omega watches, many people will immediately think of many times involved in manned space and moon mission on the moon table, or symbolic speed of the car chronograph. As well as innovative style of super 57 watch. No matter which watch. So they are adhering to the Omega Speedmaster series of low-key and deep. Super series has experienced 60 years of development and innovation. In this year, the new super series 38 mm watch shine debut, carrying 14 different styles of stunning.

So the new super watch not only retains the super series has always been the essence of the inner and iconic appearance. But also into a number of simple and unique aesthetic elements. And in the watch size and color on the well-designed. Bright colors, vibrant appearance, so that the classic chronograph watch showing a new style.

One of the dynamic combination of green and yellow (model: 324. Using stainless steel and 18K gold material, with a light silver dial. fake watches with a unique double bezel design, the outer 18K gold bezel set with exquisite diamonds. So the inner green aluminum speed loop echoes the green leather strap, not only to bring out the luster of the dial. Also let the watch more gentle style.

Light silver dial, hour hand, minute hand and small dial of the second hand are made of 18K gold, timing indicators are covered with green lacquer. Dial with a horizontal oval small dial. This inspiration comes from the design of Omega early disc flying watch, 6 o’clock position with a vertical oval calendar window.

Hour hand, minute hand, chronograph second hand and hour scale are covered with white Super-LumiNova luminous coating to ensure that the time in the dark environment to read.

Screwed into the 18K gold crown crown carved Omega brand logo. So the crown size and side of the anti-skid texture design to facilitate the wearer operation. Up and down, respectively, with the start time and pause button and the clock reset button.

Case side of the hierarchy, using a convex sapphire glass table mirror. Case 10 o’clock bit of the small dot for the date adjustment button.

So the original double bezel design retains the famous Omega Super Watch watch design.

Fake omega watches with light green suture decorated green leather strap, with stainless steel folding clasp. Strap leather soft and comfortable, easy to wear.

Because watch the screw-in table back embossed Omega iconic hippocampus badge pattern. With 100 meters of water resistance. Omega 3330 equipped with internal coaxial movement. Equipped with Si14 silicon material gossamer without card count hairspring balance wheel. And the Swiss official Observatory certification, to provide 52 hours of power reserve.

Fake omega watches:In the continuation of the classic style of super classic classic at the same time, joined the dynamic, fashion and other modern elements.

So the new Omega Speedmaster Series 38mm watch is more vibrant. At present, this section Omega Speedmaster series of watches have been sold in the store, the domestic price: 69,500 RMB. And, Omega for this new series of ultra-precision watch to provide up to four years after-sales service guarantee.