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Replica corum:Corum Navy Admiral Cup two rolex uk Beijing Financial Street spot quotes

Because corum Navy Admiral Cup series is the brand’s sailing watch series. This series of watches a large number of options to choose a larger range. So watch the home deliberately visited the Beijing Financial Street Hengji Li line. Brought two Corum Navy Admiral Cup series of watches the latest market, for the Friends of the reference choice.

Corum LEGEND 42 Series 395.101.20 / 0F61 FH10 watch

This Corum 395.101.20 / 0F61 FH10 watch belongs to the Corum Navy Admiral Cup series of basic models watch. So twelve-sided stainless steel case, small seconds plus three o’clock small calendar window. As well as the twelve sea flag time, composed of this watch. So the shape of the dial to make the dial more three-dimensional, self-winding movement can also be seen from the back through the movement of the internal structure.

Corum LEGEND 38 Series 082.101.47 / 0F41 PN11 watch

Corum 082.101.47 / 0F41 PN11 watch is the table by 38 mm ladies Replica corum watch. Black Pearl Motherboard with satin strap. So the lady elegant temperament from the inside out to show up. So dial watch and the bezel on the diamond will be the watch of the luxury experience more up a level. It is worth mentioning that the three o’clock use of circular small calendar window to replace a time scale, and twelve and six o’clock with the Arabic numerals 60 and 30 instead. Showing a unique design concept.

By virtue of the brand’s own history and superb superb watchmaking skills.

Replica corum Admiral Cup series of watches in the continuation of the classic at the same time, also continue to innovate.

To create this is Corum excellent timepieces works. This new world day / night display watch with masculine tough shape. Unparalleled aesthetic value, charismatic. Watch 150 pieces of production, with a good collection value.

Corum of hot selling products

Unique streamline aesthetics CORUM Corum swiss replica watches launched Jinqiao series streamline watch tribute classic architectural schools
CORUM watch gold bridge series in 2017 Basel watch show and then offer a new initiative, launched a new Jinqiao series streamline watch.

From the modern architectural school – streamlined style (streamline) to draw inspiration.For the intertwined exquisite curve to give new vitality. through the design of the Golden Gate Bridge to pay tribute.

Streamlined style popular in the 30’s to 60’s period. With the first mass production of industrial products at the same time born in the United States.With smooth and very dynamic curve is unique.

Today, the watch industry found a very similar streamlined style of aesthetic changes: the connotation and form of seamless integration. Even the most subtle parts of the work is to determine the overall style of the key elements. Which gave birth to the Jinqiao series streamline watch.

Corum replica watches for sale

Its rectangular movement combines sophisticated micromachines and ambitious architectural structures to outline a landmark bridge inspired by the famous Golden Gate Bridge. This bridge not only to smooth the line, but also to mildly curve and arch shape.Emitting a charming architectural charm.

And the crystal clear sapphire shows a masterpiece of gold and silver artwork. With a miniature form perfect for the structure of this California bridge. Two gold watch limited edition 88. One of the miniature structure decorated with red paint decoration.

So Interpretation of the ultimate craft and style, the historical heritage and aesthetic design harmony. Jinqiao series streamlined watch followed the rectangular style of the decorative arts (Art Deco) elements, completely built in gold. Equipped with two parallel linear pendulum on the chain of automatic movement.

So watch created a unique architectural architecture, in the straight line and the curve. Between the long-term and short-term to achieve a perfect harmony. Case is also clever use of neat ridge, sharp sharp corners and sapphire mirror vault outline. Highlight the balance of beauty.

In conclusion,If you are preparing for a table or buy a table, then the Kunlun must be your best choice, to take him away.

Halloween dress to a full set of Corum fashion watch

Halloween dress to a full set of these watches also revealed Meng Meng’s strange atmosphere

As one of the most popular and most popular festivals in the West, Halloween in the late autumn has always been a synonym for all kinds of dress up. In this with a strange color of the festival, we all have incarnation “demons and ghosts”, open party party, take to the streets to sugar sugar. Of course, since the dress up, in addition to clothing and makeup, accessories should be enough Scary Caixing.

Face makeup is the most traditional Halloween programs and customs. And the clown (Joker) this set of classic and popular role in one element. Funny showing the slightest evil, its makeup is also popular. This year, Corum launched the Bubble Gaming limited series, including five of the 88 limited timepieces.

And Bubble Joker as one of the works of the Bubble Gaming series. Black PVD coated steel case contrast on the dial face deep and bad half of the clown face. Not only filled with artistic watch design. But also to show the art of timepieces Halloween’s endless fun.replica watches.

Corum:To superb craftsmanship so that we are impressed by the senior watch.

In the hands of the designer can also be your Halloween “support” scenes of the necessary choice. Wear this watch, keep the absolute rate of the bar.