Classiques breguet watch of leather classic series

Breguet as the history of the longest watch brand, with other brands can not match the historical accumulation and cultural origins, although it has been quiet for some time. But in recent years after the integration of reorganization, once again glow a new life. The following for everyone to bring a classic series of rose gold chronograph watch. Together to experience this ancient watch brand, centuries of precipitation watch culture and tabulation process. Official model 5247BR / 29 / 9V6.

Classiques breguet watch (traditional) watch series, reflects the Breguet has always been the technical concept, excellent technology and traditional value. Set Breguet a variety of original features in one. Selection of nostalgic precious materials and with an Arabic numerals when the enamel dial, it is not put it down.

So this classiques breguet watch is Breguet classic series of a complex watch, with timing and speed function. Watch diameter 39 mm, 3 o’clock position for the 30 minute totalizer, 9 o’clock position for the small second hand. Dial in the middle of the red speed display. The red chronograph second hand is very conspicuous, indicating the time of the minute hand and the hour hand. Is familiar with the fish eyebrow Breguet needle.

Watch dial with “big fire” white enamel dial, high-temperature firing enamel dial is not pure white, exudes a retro feeling. Dial with Breguet Arabic numerals, this time by the founder of Breguet invented, elegant and practical. Is currently equipped with enamel dial Breguet table, followed by this set of original time character. Dial with Bregu special anti-counterfeiting technology – hidden signature. This covert signature on the dial. Only in the light to be pointed out under the beveled light. The anti-counterfeiting technology began in 1795, has been in use since the Breguet watch one of the signs.

18K rose gold case and crown, flashing golden light, charming color. Case side with crown and timing buttons. So the top of the crown is the start and stop buttons, and the lower side is the zero button.

Brown crocodile leather strap, with rose gold folding clasp.

Table side of the table box pit pattern also has a Breguet style, double row beaded pits classic subtle. All of these pit pattern by the Breguet watchmaker from hand processing, unique. Breguet watch on the market now use this style of the box box pattern.

Compared to the simple style of the front, the back of the watch is very exciting. So the back of the sapphire crystal glass through the end of the design, you can clearly see the movement of movement. Watch carrying 533.3 manual mechanical movement. This movement is known as the Breguet’s legendary movement. Re-designed by the basic movement 2320, is a classic mechanical movement for the model. Movement mosaic of 24 rubies, power reserve 48 hours. Swiss leveraged escapement, Breguet gossamer, vibration frequency 3.0 Hz.

Classiques breguet watch:This watch a kind of thick retro taste, as if in the old wooden box in a hundred years of sleep.

So the stylus that rotates again, along with the rotation of the mechanical gear, gives a gentle rhythmic sound. As if to tell you about the story of this hundred years. Because watch can be seen everywhere Breguet’s unique properties, is a highlight of Breguet design simple and elegant example, worthy of collection. Watch the domestic price of 36,1300 yuan. Breguet in the classic series of watches are in the mid-range on the price.