Cartier watch know the best woman’s heart

Cartier watch, For some time did not introduce a female form to you, and although our customers are mostly men, but we can not ignore the ladies.

firstly And different men, for most women, the watch is more decorative items, good looks.

firstly a sense of design is the most important, of course, jewelery, diamonds, which are the things that every woman loves.

Recently read Cartier for SIHH 2018 launch of the new Cartier Libre series, I not only feeling: the most understand the woman’s heart, or Cartier. Let’s take a look.

Cartier watch

firstly The first glance at the new Cartier Libre collection is dizzying and stunningly its best adjective. The design of the entire range of ideas, full of creativity, each of the five models are different, each one is the same.

Cartier watch

firstly Cartier Libre series re-interpretation of the brand styling watch, elongated or narrow lines, revealing a dreamlike atmosphere. Different designs show a lively creative ingenuity, each giving an artistic visual enjoyment.

Cartier watch

Débordante in French is the meaning of overflowing, used to name this watch is very image. The whole replica omega watch seems to overflow like streamer, creative bold, without reservation.

firstlyBeautiful oval dial surrounded by three-dimensional engraved carved crown, precious ornate gems, grand styling, like stars, romantic luxury, aesthetic atmosphere. The watch is made of white gold with a size of 46.9mm x 28.4mm, a case set with diamonds and black spinel, a quartz movement and a limited edition of 50 pieces.

This Baignoire Etoilée watch is also very named, French Étoilée translates to starlight meaning. Black spinel and crystal diamonds pouring like a waterfall, gorgeous bright, beautiful dazzling.

Cartier watch

When suspended, the gorgeous light on the skin Smart walk. Ingenuity of the monochrome contrast, mini dial inlaid double precious stones, perfect blend of black and white, presents a stunning visual effects. The whole watch is gorgeous, bright, romantic and classic.

firstly I think it is the most fantastic one of the five watches, and my favorite one. The watch is made of white gold with dimensions of 43.65 x 20.11 mm, a diamond and black spinel set with a bracelet and a case, and a quartz movement, limited to 12 pieces.

Cartier watch Baignoire Infinie watch

The simple watch actually contains unlimited creativity, super mini watch center black dial reminiscent of the watch of the 1920s. Central watch dial for the visual focus, outward radiation, paved with trapezoidal cut diamonds, white mother of pearl, Tahitian mother of pearl and black spinel, gorgeous style fascinating.

firstly The whole watch is avant-garde, stylish yet simple and elegant feel, platinum material, quartz movement, limited edition 20.

Interdite French translated as a forbidden zone, this Baignoire Interdite watch clever grasp of space games, oval dial with horizontal modeling slender jade legs, quite bold.

firstly Large Roman digital dotted black glossy ADLC coated long case; diamonds on the dial looming, revealing the mysterious fantasy, the whole watch elegant with unruly.

The rolex replica watches watch is made of white gold, case set with diamonds, ADLC coated, quartz movement, limited edition of 50 pieces.

The front should be all the jewelry table, each one uses a bright diamond and low-key luxury platinum material.

and several watches above, compared to the above Crash Radieuse although not using diamonds, but still radiant of.

Crash watch distorted again.

Irregular multi-elliptical decorative case decorated like folding and stretching.

firstly large Roman numerals as if the illusion of a flash in the pan, the central dial strong potent waves. Light and shadow, the perfect combination of virtual and real.

soft to the extreme twisted lines to the charm of Crash watch to the extreme. but also reveal the distinctive female beauty. Watch with gold material, equipped with 8970 MC-type manual winding movement, a limited edition of 50.

Vrious classic watches of fake series

Vrious classic watches:So the United States helmsman series is a good choice to show women’s intellectual charm. Because the whole watch is trying to show the beauty of the female curve. 31 mm diameter dial, 50 meters waterproof depth, sapphire scratch-resistant mirror under the protection of the next.

You can clearly see the whirlpool of Geneva waveform dial, accompanied by eight natural diamonds to make this watch stand out. A few diamonds in the vortex background showing the feeling of rivets, not too many complex details, in exchange for the chic and capable temperament. This table is a relatively low-key diamond rolex uk.

Kutu series intended to interpret women always blooming variety of light. Like a woman sometimes need to show the fashion side of the generous, and sometimes need to pass out the gentle, elegant Xian Shu temperament. Kutu series of female watch watch body lines round and smooth, simple revealed diamonds female table introverted fashion. So dial outer ring inlaid with 52 small and exquisite precious diamonds, reflecting the colorful light.

With two words to describe the Omega constellation diamond female watch can be: bright, retro. So this vrious classic watches case diameter of 27 mm, case and bracelet are made of 18K red gold and refine steel material.

So the bezel is decorated with 132 bright cut diamonds with a total weight of 0.5 kt. Because the blue dial also comes with 12 single-cut diamonds embellishment hour scale, total weight 0.12 karats. For this section of the constellation watch to provide power is the Omega 1376 quartz movement. A highly acclaimed movement due to its high precision.

Vrious classic watches:Cartier brand itself is a “emperor’s jeweler, jeweler’s emperor.”

It’s diamond watch must not be wrong, this diamond-studded blue balloon can be use to describe the luxury of luxury, dial set 11 diamonds. Carefully selected top diamonds, perfect gorgeous design. So the blue balloon watch into a woman’s dream of love Jane pet. Inlaid on the dial above the clear diamond. With a pink crocodile leather strap to convey the charming grace.;

Fashion cartier of classic series

Deep stars, as if there is a magic, giving a want to find out the temptation, watch is also true Star elements and swiss replica watches the combination of tabulation features often give a unique beauty, is also one of the more popular design this year. In 2016, the Cartier Rotonde de Cartier series set sail again. Will be profound knowledge and beautifully designed the perfect fusion. Launched this Rotonde de Cartier series day and night display moon phase watch. Filling in the wrist between the stars of the bright, for this classic time to add a unique charm.

As early as 1912, Fashion cartier had mastered the complex function of making moon phase. At that time, known as the “comet” or “planets” of the clock works is from the hand of Cartier. Through the high-level jewelry and advanced watchmaking process show elegant gorgeous time display. Since then, Cartier to mathematical rules based on the introduction of a variety of timepieces works. Show the moon phase watch through the Rotonde de Cartier day and night. So the sky and the earth through the art of time closely linked to reflect the Cartier continue to explore the pioneer spirit of hourly aesthetics.

So the atmosphere of 40 mm 18K rhodium-plated platinum cas. The thickness of 12.16 mm. So the outer ring is set with 68 bright cut diamonds, luxurious and bright. Different from the publicity of gold, platinum noble and cold. Giving a unique view of the table. After grinding and other process of treatment, platinum case issued a unique light, very beautiful.

From the dawn to the moon, the sun and the moon in the 18K rhodium-plated platinum dial from left to right above the “movement”. So this high-luxury luxury watch has two major functions: reverse jump phase and day and night instructions. Reverse jump on the moon phase in the dotted gold powder on the dial on the moon phase pointer, where the day of the moon phase on the watch dial on the list. (Full moon on both sides of the sapphire embellishment, leaving the mysterious month and full moon for the diamond embellishment)

Sky on the clouds between the day and the moon alternately, giving a true day and night alternately both visual sense. In the day and night display with the time stamp ring, between the dial, there are diamonds separated, the layout is reasonable. So that there is no visual impact between the various functions, time, month and other functions of the observation more convenient. Also added a beauty for the dial.


Polished round crown, delicate texture. Inlaid with a diamond show brand crown has always been the design style, giving the card Cartier unique charm. The crown is inlaid with a conical gem. This is Cartier’s many high-level watch standard.

Exquisite 18K rhodium-plated platinum gold ear after grinding with the case into one. A good watch and watch straps together again to show the overall luxury and elegant watch.

So the use of sapphire crystal mirror and table back, making the movement at a glance, add the pleasure of viewing. Equipped with Cartier 9912 MC self-winding movement. Vibration frequency of 28,800 hours per hour oscillation, power storage is about 48 hours.

Watch equipped with a dark blue crocodile leather strap, comfortable texture, easy to wear. Strap with 18K white gold folding clasp, inlaid 43 diamonds. And diamonds face each other, showing the overall beauty of the watch.

Diamond and platinum meet is a bright and cold fusion.

Fashion cartier not only in the watch value on the uncompromising attention to the watch and added a unique design of the reverse phase of the moon and night show two complex functions.

People can watch the Fashion cartier watch is also able to enjoy the brand’s outstanding mechanical manufacturing skills. Like this watch a small partner may wish to enter the Cartier store to understand more of its information.

Best cartier of replica watch

Best cartier replica watch:For more than a hundred years, Best cartier has enjoyed the charm of mysterious timepieces. Comes with a mysterious breath of the watch gives a bright feeling. Mystery comes from the creation of the mysterious clock. Mysterious clock is “mysterious” and has infinite charm. Because of its platinum and diamonds to create the pointer, like hanging in the transparent bell body above.

And the movement is not the slightest connection. As we all know, breaking the power of the connection part of the clock can not drive the pointer to run. But this kind of pointer not only did not stop, but also able to accurately travel, full of “magic”. And this is full of magic watch the way, today Cartier once again bring us a visual feast. 2016 SIHH watch show, following the mysterious hour watch and double mysterious Tourbillon watch.

Best cartier once again launched Astromystérieux celestial body running mysterious Tourbillon watch. So equipped with the axis of rotation with the center of the escapement, opened a new chapter in Cartier’s mystical aesthetics. Want to know how the Cartier watch master makes the needle, the core separation of the mysterious Tourbillon watch accurate timekeeping it? Then follow me to explore the mystery of it (Watch model: W1556249)

In fact, the reason why the mysterious, that is, Cartier watchmakers brought us the “barrier method”: two fixed-pointer glass and the subtle around the dial with the effect of the interaction. Because the pointer is fixed on the glass and the minute hand is connected to the movement. And will not turn their own, turn the real is the glass and the whole structure. By the middle of the escapement drive gear, and then driven by the glass glass dial rotation, the use of visual “illusion” to complete this seem incredible. Really full of brand wisdom of the magic “walking time movement.”

Close watch display

This series of mysterious watch watchmaking inspired by the great French magician, modern magic pioneer Jean Eugene Rober – Udon invented the clock when a wonderful idea: the pointer is not directly connected with the movement, and Is fixed on two jagged metal borders on the glass disc. So the disc is driven by the movement (mostly at the bottom of the clock), driving the pointer to rotate, indicating hours and minutes, respectively. Now, Cartier’s mysterious watch. Is to inherit and re-interpretation of this unique style of this unique process.

Platinum in the use of watch material is rare, mostly used in the brand limited or special models (do not rule out cases). And this watch is the use of 950 platinum material for the watch case, 43.5 mm it is not like gold case like publicity shine. Platinum is full of high cold aristocratic Fan children, full of classic and low-key luxury atmosphere. After treatment, the 950 platinum reflects the soft light, very beautiful.

Twisted carved dial, decorated with classic and elegant Cartier Roman times. Not only provides a striking view of the conditions and decorate the watch as a whole, elegant and beautiful. Apple-shaped pointer, and the central escapement integration. Interpretation of the watch on the “miracle”.

950 platinum bead-shaped crown, inlaid with a brand representative convex round sapphire. Polished platinum crown, feel good. In the operation of the watch is not slippery hand, bring excellent operating experience.

Polished platinum lace lines naturally smooth, ornamental full. The perfect strap and watch together for the watch as a whole add luster.

Because watch with double-layer transparent design, making this movement can see clearly the operation. Do not have some fun.So equipped with Cartier 9462 MC movement, balance wheel vibration frequency of 21,600 times per hour, power storage about 50 hours.

So watch equipped with a black crocodile leather strap texture comfortable, style classic rich urban atmosphere. Connect an 18K white gold folding clasp. Can be very good to protect the watch in the wrist safe, will not easily fall off.

Extraordinary watch innovation, creating such a Best cartier celestial body running mysterious Tourbillon watch.

Will represent the tabulation process of the highest achievements of the Tourbillon and mysterious innovation closely together. Show the brand’s unique watch concept. Inheritance and innovation, has been a powerful driving force to support the brand watchmaking. Set the mysterious charm and urban classic style as a whole, worthy of the “watch a miracle.”

Replica cartier of popular watches

Replica cartier rolex uk:Résonances de Cartier Premium Jewelry Series ORBITE Ring

18K white gold, 1 F VS 1 half moon diamonds, weight 5.02 karats, 1 F VS 2 half moon diamonds, weight 4.72 karats,
Trapezoidal cut ruby, bright cut diamonds


It is a rare black diamond to capture the light of every angle. In between the cut into a vibrant tempered light waves. So cartier jewelry craftsmen with a white diamond set off this mysterious creation, black and white commensurate. To stimulate the infinite energy transmission, fertility and dynamic.
The following are the same as the ”
Résonances de Cartier fine jewelry series CLAIR OBSCUR ring

Platinum, 1 Fancy Black Pear Diamond, 2.73 Carat, 1 E IF Pear Diamond, 2.05 Carat, Black Paint, Bright Cut Diamond


So cartier Zhen choose a pair of magnificent Fancy Intense grade gem, decorate this classic works: a 2.18 carat pink diamonds and a 2.03 karats of blue diamonds. Because to shape and shape each other echo, double significant aesthetic beauty. So complementary colors, stretching the shape of the intertwined lines. So that the beauty of the diamond posture and complex mosaic process completely blending

Résonances de Cartier fine jewelry series INFINITE MOTION ring

Platinum, 1 Fancy Intense Pink VS 1 pear-shaped diamond, weighing 2.18 carats,
1 Fancy Intense Blue VS 2 pear-shaped diamonds, weighing 2.03 carats, bright cut diamonds

8K white gold, 1 pillow-shaped Colombian emerald, weight 140.21 carats, bright cut diamonds

EURYTHMIE bracelet

Because positive, paved with a continuous pattern of diamonds shining in the wrist. Back, night sky-like lapis lazuli with rose gold and diamonds against each other. Just flip your wrist gently. So this flexible and flexible bracelet instantly from day to night, from the warm color into a quiet shadow.

Because résonances de Cartier fine jewelry series EURYTHMIE bracelet
18K rose gold, lapis lazuli, bright cut diamonds


So dazzling light shuttle between the twist curves of this bracelet. Natural crystal and hollow inlaid two conical diamonds against each other. So light in the neat shape and rhythmic pattern of shine.replica watches uk

Replica cartier:The following are the same as the “

Résonances de Cartier Premium Jewelry Series TWISTING LIGHT Bracelet
18K White Gold.
2 G SI 1 / SI Level 2 Modified Triangle Cut Diamond with a total weight of 4.72 kt, natural crystal, bright cut diamonds

Fake Piaget Of Fashion Watches

Fake Piaget:Today’s high-quality workplace women’s economic independence, strong self-confidence. However, no matter how beautiful the inner also need external factors highlight the elegant temperament and unique personal taste. Today’s watch home for you to recommend three suitable for the workplace ladies uk replica watches. Take you to the finest beauty.

Cartier key series watch

Cartier’s new CLÉ DE CARTIER watch. Diameter of 31 mm, 11.04 mm thick platinum case. So to create an immaculate streamline appearance, elegant and simple style and harmony and unity of beauty. French “CLÉ” means the key, the appearance of the new crown is exactly like a key.

To crown the time and date of the new operation, crown shape slender simple, decorative a sapphire. Because the mosaic process is different from the traditional practice, cleverly embedded gem and its coated metal flush. Equipped with a new Cartier 1847 MC workshop refined movement.

Omega Constellation series to Zhen astronomical station small second watch

Because omega in October just launched the constellation series to reach the astronomical station small second hand ladies watch, a total of eight watches to choose from. So this is one of the rose gold diamond watch. With 27 mm case with constellation series of famous “claw” diamond bezel. With a scaffolding chain and polished chain bracelet.

White pearl mother of pearl dial, 10 diamond hour scale embedded in the bracket above, 6 o’clock position with a calendar window. 9 o’clock position also has a small second hand, four diamond time stamp embedded in a small dial 18K white gold inlay. Equipped with Omega 8704 coaxial to Zhen astronomical movement.

The accuracy of the watch than the average Observatory watch 50% increase in anti-magnetic performance of more than 15,000 Gauss, far ahead of the industry level. Watch provides 50 hours of power reserve and 100 meters of water. So this watch is also the first Omega to obtain double certification (Swiss official observatory and to reach the Observatory certification) ladies watch.

Fake Piaget POLO jewelry series watch

Some people like gold and diamond with. But platinum and diamonds are more elegant, better reflect the elegant side of women. This count of Polo watch, table diameter of 32 mm. 18k white gold case with 36 round diamonds (about 0.5 karats).

Radiation-treated silver-plated dial, 18k white gold Barton and Arabic numerals with the standard, satin polished polished handle the Princess pointer, read at a glance. Because the handle of the bracelet is very fine, wide and narrow chain with a narrow chain lined with 130 fine diamonds (about 1.4 kt). Carrying the Earl 690P quartz movement, walking accurate and stable.

Fake Piaget watch can be said that the best women in the workplace, but also the classic wild accessories.

A good watch, highlighting the wearer’s capable gas field and excellent ability. So there is no such thing on the wrist with such a strong workplace attributes.

Cartier watches of fake series

Cartier watches:And then accurate mechanical watch and quartz rolex replica uk is not comparable to the three high-end quartz table recommended
Now watch the two camps, machinery and quartz, both have their own advantages. Quartz watch the advantages of affordable travel time precision, for a record time tool, travel time must be its first task. Although many people are not aware of the time through the watch. Today, watch home for everyone to recommend three quartz watch.

Cartier blue balloon series W69011Z4 watch

Because cartier watches classic blue balloon series of watches, technical and ornamental integration. To meet the pursuit of the perfect realm of men, rounded lines, elegant surface embossed and in the crown at the large pieces of sapphire.

So let it in the elegant retro more than grace and precious. Blue balloons also have quartz and mechanical points, due to the design of the intimate. Most people will choose the quartz movement two-pin blue balloon. Because it is simple and practical, and wearing a decent.

Chanel J12 series H0968 watch

White, as Ms. Chanel stressed, impeccable, and black absolute harmony. Since then, white has become a mainstream watch color. White high-tech precision ceramic emphasizes the design structure of the J12 watch. Highlight the essence of the shape of the United States.

White high-tech precision ceramic presents a unique glow from the outside, giving the ceramic a magical charm. And precious metal with, to create a wonderful light and shadow beauty.

Omega Constellation Series watch

So omega Constellation series with the famous “claws” (Griffes) and watch the dial. Show the concept of timeless design. So this polished watch is equipped with a silver dial and covered with a wear resistant sapphire fake replica watches.

27mm stainless steel case with engraved Roman numerals 18K red gold bezel, with 18K red gold steel bracelet. Because this timepiece equipped with precision quartz movement – Omega 1376 movement.

In terms of accuracy, the quartz Cartier watches has an absolute advantage over mechanical watches.

You can simply say that the quartz watch has a stronger practicality. The mechanical watch of the sophisticated complex mechanical process. That kind of feeling is a quartz Cartier watches can not be replaced.

Fake series of luxury watches

Fake series:Love is the only use of luxury swiss replica watches tied to her heart
There is a love, with the time counterparts, and happiness meet, and always can race with time.So the most beautiful love may be accidentally, from hand to the white head. Valentine’s Day instantly, everyone wants to express their love of the Proverbs.

This article, the editor will recommend several watches for Valentine’s Day gift. Use every sound “tick” to record your love in the walk.
Cartier CLÉ DE CARTIER series WJCL0047 watch

Because Cartier CLÉ DE CARTIER series since the date of birth, its attention to catch up with the brand classic blue balloon series. Due to the uniqueness of the crown design and become the origin of the Fake series watch the origin. It is also because this unique crown to the public extraordinary feelings.

So watch with 18K rose gold material to create the case, bezel set in the bright and luxurious diamonds. So with dark red crocodile leather strap, added the festive festive meaning.
Rolex Women’s Log Series 279135RBR-83345 watch

Due to Rolex gem mosaic artisans. Like a sculptor to use precious metal, for each gem to create its mosaic hand. And with extremely precise skills for the gem inlaid.So Chocolate color dial is different from the common general watch, the unique head shape bracelet unique Rolex replica watch characteristics.So three-point position with a small window convex lens, the calendar can be easily amplified to read.So this is not only a major feature of the Rolex watch, easier to identify. The fine design makes it difficult to deny the popularity of Rolex. Watch with 2236-type self-winding mechanical movement.
Earl LIMELIGHT series G0A38160 watch

This LIMELIGHT Fake series ladies watch, is very suitable for the goddess wearing a fake series watch.

Because watch with black and white with the mix. Simple yet stylish.So watch with 18K white gold diamond case to create, lined with 62 round diamonds, about 1.8 karats. And in the watch on the buckle inlaid with a single round diamonds, about 0.01 karats.

Love is a wonderful feeling. In the crowded city, there is always a person with your eyes relative, heart and mind, promised San San III promise. Sincere blessing every pair of lovers can stay together, white to old.

Full of inspiration–Cartier

Cartier watch has always been praised, attracting a lot of attention.

Because In the industry reputation, cartier core level is very high. They are from the grinding and assembly have a very good performance.

This is a full of magic style of the watch

This is a full of magic style of the fake watch, the mysterious pointer to create a suspended in the air psychedelic visual effects, so that the viewer no breath of breath.

Case diameter of 42 mm, made of 18K rose gold material, the disc design fashion avant-garde. Silver dial with solar pattern radiation effect, light under the visual sense is excellent.

Movement contains a total of 158 parts, which contains 27 ruby ​​bearings, power storage about 48 hours.

This watch from the appearance point of view a great breakthrough. The requirements for the movement is also very high, 434 yuan yuan is not low, like a friend can pay more attention.

So this Ronde Louis Cartier series of new watch is Cartier’s classic, disk Roman numerals with the shape of the Breguet needle blue steel pointer, classical and elegant charm people intoxicated.

6 o’clock position of the small three-pin and the entire disk Very good blend.

3 o’clock position of the calendar window is also very natural and easy to read.

Inlaid convex round blue spinel crown and round with a good case. Matched with luxurious and elegant crocodile leather strap, wrist watch is bound to attract attention.

So this section price of 138,000 yuan, the price is reasonable, suitable for elegant and wise men have the success.

If you are still hesitant to buy what kind of watch, then do not think again, take it back, you will not regret it.Good quality Cartier you are worth having, do not wait, the opportunity in front, quickly took him home