Cartier watch know the best woman’s heart

Cartier watch, For some time did not introduce a female form to you, and although our customers are mostly men, but we can not ignore the ladies.

firstly And different men, for most women, the watch is more decorative items, good looks.

firstly a sense of design is the most important, of course, jewelery, diamonds, which are the things that every woman loves.

Recently read Cartier for SIHH 2018 launch of the new Cartier Libre series, I not only feeling: the most understand the woman’s heart, or Cartier. Let’s take a look.

Cartier watch

firstly The first glance at the new Cartier Libre collection is dizzying and stunningly its best adjective. The design of the entire range of ideas, full of creativity, each of the five models are different, each one is the same.

Cartier watch

firstly Cartier Libre series re-interpretation of the brand styling watch, elongated or narrow lines, revealing a dreamlike atmosphere. Different designs show a lively creative ingenuity, each giving an artistic visual enjoyment.

Cartier watch

Débordante in French is the meaning of overflowing, used to name this watch is very image. The whole replica omega watch seems to overflow like streamer, creative bold, without reservation.

firstlyBeautiful oval dial surrounded by three-dimensional engraved carved crown, precious ornate gems, grand styling, like stars, romantic luxury, aesthetic atmosphere. The watch is made of white gold with a size of 46.9mm x 28.4mm, a case set with diamonds and black spinel, a quartz movement and a limited edition of 50 pieces.

This Baignoire Etoilée watch is also very named, French Étoilée translates to starlight meaning. Black spinel and crystal diamonds pouring like a waterfall, gorgeous bright, beautiful dazzling.

Cartier watch

When suspended, the gorgeous light on the skin Smart walk. Ingenuity of the monochrome contrast, mini dial inlaid double precious stones, perfect blend of black and white, presents a stunning visual effects. The whole watch is gorgeous, bright, romantic and classic.

firstly I think it is the most fantastic one of the five watches, and my favorite one. The watch is made of white gold with dimensions of 43.65 x 20.11 mm, a diamond and black spinel set with a bracelet and a case, and a quartz movement, limited to 12 pieces.

Cartier watch Baignoire Infinie watch

The simple watch actually contains unlimited creativity, super mini watch center black dial reminiscent of the watch of the 1920s. Central watch dial for the visual focus, outward radiation, paved with trapezoidal cut diamonds, white mother of pearl, Tahitian mother of pearl and black spinel, gorgeous style fascinating.

firstly The whole watch is avant-garde, stylish yet simple and elegant feel, platinum material, quartz movement, limited edition 20.

Interdite French translated as a forbidden zone, this Baignoire Interdite watch clever grasp of space games, oval dial with horizontal modeling slender jade legs, quite bold.

firstly Large Roman digital dotted black glossy ADLC coated long case; diamonds on the dial looming, revealing the mysterious fantasy, the whole watch elegant with unruly.

The rolex replica watches watch is made of white gold, case set with diamonds, ADLC coated, quartz movement, limited edition of 50 pieces.

The front should be all the jewelry table, each one uses a bright diamond and low-key luxury platinum material.

and several watches above, compared to the above Crash Radieuse although not using diamonds, but still radiant of.

Crash watch distorted again.

Irregular multi-elliptical decorative case decorated like folding and stretching.

firstly large Roman numerals as if the illusion of a flash in the pan, the central dial strong potent waves. Light and shadow, the perfect combination of virtual and real.

soft to the extreme twisted lines to the charm of Crash watch to the extreme. but also reveal the distinctive female beauty. Watch with gold material, equipped with 8970 MC-type manual winding movement, a limited edition of 50.