Bvlgari watch of replica series

Bvlgari watch rolex watches:As a favorite of watches and clocks enthusiasts one of the characteristics of pure simplicity has long been different from the ordinary simple. In the details of the uncompromising attention, always reveal the quality of high-level x and content.So to show the wrist of the wrist between the sharp beauty. Well-known jewelry watch brand Bulgari is the case. Will be simple and elegant Italian innovative style deeply rooted in the classic OCTO series above.

So giving the series under every watch pure elegance and modern urban fashion style. 2017, the brand once again for the series to add new products. In the eye-catching Basel Jewelry Watch Fair launched the Bulgari OCTO ROMA series of brown plate steel watch. The new timepiece retains the OCTO series in the architectural aesthetic style of the octagonal case. To show, as always, dignified, atmospheric characteristics.So  In place of the details of the deal, further interpretation of its strong and fresh sense of design. Here, take a look at the new watch of the Italian style (watch model: 102705).

As the basic point of Octo Roma, the perfect balance ratio. Retains a series of classic watches undeniable urban minimalist style and quality. Heritage angular octagonal design case, after the brand clever re-design. In the original stylish appearance and comfortable texture under the premise of upgrading the function of the convenience of the watch. Will be excellent style and profound connotation of the watch charm given to the new timepieces. Show a strong urban style and pure elegance fashion.

Because Highly recognizable 41 mm octagonal steel case with a moderate table diameter design. Easy to wear at the same time without losing the sense of fashion.

Bvlgari watch the side of the crown after polishing, showing a great visual enjoyment. Easy to operate and comfortable grip it with black ceramic mosaic. It is very beautiful to keep the details of the beauty of the series at the same time. So corner side with two rows of raised anti-skid texture decoration, more easy to operate.

Stainless steel case with dark brown disk. Classic and full of flavor. After the paint polished, showing a great taste to enjoy, intoxicated. Rectangular three-dimensional time scale and 6:00, 12:00 Arabic numerals three-dimensional time scale against each other, the surface after drawing processing. And the central hollow, the minute hand, and the smart second hand to form a whole. So that time is more pure, intuitive, very convenient. 3 Timing position for exquisite date display window. For the watch to add a practical.

Through the back through the design of the sapphire crystal glass back cover, movement of the operation at a glance, do not have some fun. So equipped with Bulgari Caliber BVL 191 two-way automatic winding mechanical movement. Decorated with Geneva ripples and chamfered with scrolls, ornamental full. With 42 hours of power reserve, watch water depth of up to 100 meters.

Brown crocodile leather strap

Dark brown seamless crocodile leather strap and dark brown paint polished dial to form a whole, full of design. So mature and comfortable strap to connect a stainless steel needle buckle, can be a good protection watch wrist safety. Not easy to fall, very reliable.

Bvlgari watch OCTO ROMA series of brown plate steel watch uk

So OCTO ROMA series of new timepieces will be full of creative style of the Bvlgari watch all deduced out.

Octagonal represents the architectural aesthetics in the OCTO series to bring dignified, fresh atmosphere. So classic ripe brown disc and the same color crocodile leather strap is added to this wrist freshness style.

Classic watch of fake series

Classic watch:There must be lost, not to mention the corporatization of the operation, it is no longer as Zunda master wish to design, regardless of the market. Respect the wishes of the master, is to do a good designer. In his eyes, the design of the Classic swiss replica watches can not be limited by the function. Can re-create the time to display the way, so through the reverse jump and jump the word way. OCTO series has a lot of wonderful watches, such as Disney theme of the watch.

Bvlgari OCTO series of ultra-thin three asked watch
While the Bulgari OCTO series, in line with brand characteristics. Must give up some of the original design ideas, such as reducing the original anti-jump table money.So the use of Bvlgari characteristics of the time scale and the pointer, the design return to the mainstream aesthetic and so on. In fact.So this year’s OCTO ROMA watch is personally considered difficult to understand. It changed the OCTO kind of bold and spirit. By modifying the case, make it into harmony.

Because bulgari OCTO series ROMA hollow watch transparent gem middle case
Of course, between the gains and losses, OCTO series will become more and more powerful. But we have to admit that OCTO is still a long way away from the generation of classic. Although we know that Bulgari in the senior tabulation under a lot of effort.So these kung fu is not talk about it, is the real money investment. But like other luxuries, it takes time. And Wu Yifan, is the success of this series of a passing. Of course, no one can become this passing.

If you are still hesitant to buy this one Classic watch, then this classic is your priority choice.

So become “classic” must go through the test of time. What are you waiting for, and quick to buy it?