Popular fake series of various brands watches

About the moon’s beautiful imagination, men actually want to be more abundant in women. Men are not only indulged in the beauty of the flowers under the moon accompanied, will also imagine this planet from the Earth fake rolex behind the existence of biological existence. In the watch world, the moon also gives watchmakers the most romantic design inspiration. The more the most poetic function was born – the moon phase. Moonlight moonlight from this month, all in circulation on the wrist.

Vacheron Constantin masterpiece series 47300 / 000G-9064 watch

Maltese cross the moon under the square phase popular fake series watch, rose gold and brown Mississippi crocodile skin with even more distinguished. Suitable for older men.

Blancpain moon show series 6654-3642-55B watch

Mention Moonphase, you have to mention Blancpain. Mention Po Blanc had to mention Villeret series. 2011 Basel Villeret series introduced a new paragraph, the new plus 2mm table diameter, reached 40mm. More in line with the customer’s aesthetic, the market performance is naturally quite good. 6654 platinum and rose gold in the major Blancpain store out of stock is a good proof. The company is located in:

Breguet classic series 7137BA / 11 / 9V6 gold watch

Complex and special style, recognition is very high. Such a complicated design case thickness actually only 8.65 mm, more commendable. Breguet with a gold case with classic polished pattern more prominent elegance of the temperament of the owner.

Glashütte Pano Classic Series 90-02-14-02-04 watch

A very toxic phase of a moon watch, at least my friends around for many years, “remember” it. Glashütte representative three circle heart dial design. Moon phase function at 2 o’clock position, personality is also very eye-catching. Stainless steel case to reduce the price, it also makes it into the middle class purchase list.

Slim section design, the thickness of only 4mm! This is due to Audemars Piguet Cal.2120 / 2802 movement! Dial is not common white, but with a little gray, Aude’s logo close to the moon phase function. Enough to clear the theme of the replica watch, in addition to the price a little expensive, is simply the perfect choice for the moon phase watch.

Earl Emperador Pincushion Moon Series G0A34021 Watch

Belongs to the Earl Black Belt series of moon phase watch, moon phase function to imitate the lunar surface uneven. Expressive nature did not say. Before starting to pay attention to this section of the moon table diameter of up to 46.5mm, money can hold live under the premise. Also need to consider whether people can hold this watch.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Series Q1368420 watch

Less than 80,000 price, start the top brands of moon phase popular fake series watch, the price did not say. This section of master series is the moon phase watch simple models. Can be seen as a big three-pin product to increase the function of a month. The watch owner must be a particularly romantic young talent.

Mido moon phase series M8607.3.M1.4 watch

Mido Belen Sai series also has a watch with moon phase function. But also with a date display, week display, month display, timekeeping function, the price of less than 20,000. Be regarded as the most value entry-level complex moon phase watch.

Raymond Wei Maestro series 2839-STC-00209 watch

Dial grinding complex, full of three-dimensional pattern and is very “very good” a moon phase table. There Jiang Wen couple endorsement, not too bright enough?

Men who like watches have the need to have a monthly list. It may not be your first Popular fake series watch, nor the last one.

But it must be the one that gives you the most romance.

Classiques breguet watch of leather classic series

Breguet as the history of the longest watch brand, with other brands can not match the historical accumulation and cultural origins, although it has been quiet for some time. But in recent years after the integration of reorganization, once again glow a new life. The following for everyone to bring a classic series of rose gold chronograph watch. Together to experience this ancient watch brand, centuries of precipitation watch culture and tabulation process. Official model 5247BR / 29 / 9V6.

Classiques breguet watch (traditional) watch series, reflects the Breguet has always been the technical concept, excellent technology and traditional value. Set Breguet a variety of original features in one. Selection of nostalgic precious materials and with an Arabic numerals when the enamel dial, it is not put it down.

So this classiques breguet watch is Breguet classic series of a complex watch, with timing and speed function. Watch diameter 39 mm, 3 o’clock position for the 30 minute totalizer, 9 o’clock position for the small second hand. Dial in the middle of the red speed display. The red chronograph second hand is very conspicuous, indicating the time of the minute hand and the hour hand. Is familiar with the fish eyebrow Breguet needle.

Watch dial with “big fire” white enamel dial, high-temperature firing enamel dial is not pure white, exudes a retro feeling. Dial with Breguet Arabic numerals, this time by the founder of Breguet invented, elegant and practical. Is currently equipped with enamel dial Breguet table, followed by this set of original time character. Dial with Bregu special anti-counterfeiting technology – hidden signature. This covert signature on the dial. Only in the light to be pointed out under the beveled light. The anti-counterfeiting technology began in 1795, has been in use since the Breguet watch one of the signs.

18K rose gold case and crown, flashing golden light, charming color. Case side with crown and timing buttons. So the top of the crown is the start and stop buttons, and the lower side is the zero button.

Brown crocodile leather strap, with rose gold folding clasp.

Table side of the table box pit pattern also has a Breguet style, double row beaded pits classic subtle. All of these pit pattern by the Breguet watchmaker from hand processing, unique. Breguet watch on the market now use this style of the box box pattern.

Compared to the simple style of the front, the back of the watch is very exciting. So the back of the sapphire crystal glass through the end of the design, you can clearly see the movement of movement. Watch carrying 533.3 manual mechanical movement. This movement is known as the Breguet’s legendary movement. Re-designed by the basic movement 2320, is a classic mechanical movement for the model. Movement mosaic of 24 rubies, power reserve 48 hours. Swiss leveraged escapement, Breguet gossamer, vibration frequency 3.0 Hz.

Classiques breguet watch:This watch a kind of thick retro taste, as if in the old wooden box in a hundred years of sleep.

So the stylus that rotates again, along with the rotation of the mechanical gear, gives a gentle rhythmic sound. As if to tell you about the story of this hundred years. Because watch can be seen everywhere Breguet’s unique properties, is a highlight of Breguet design simple and elegant example, worthy of collection. Watch the domestic price of 36,1300 yuan. Breguet in the classic series of watches are in the mid-range on the price.

Luxury watches brands for men of gold fashion

Breguet for the clock session is a not around a brand. Its contribution to the watch industry is very great. Because some of the inventions of the brand founder, Abraham Luis Breguet, have far-reaching influence on the watch industry. Such as Tourbillon, since the bell and the three asked the table of the circling spring system. Today, the watch home for everyone to bring four Beijing Breguet luxury watches brands market, fancy friends can go directly to the St. Regis Financial Street Breguet shop to try to wear.

Breguet Classic Series 8068BA / 52 / 964.DD00 watch

Watch has a lot of Breguet’s classic features, coin decoration, hand-engraved patterns. Breguet pointer, straight ear and so on. Because watch itself with 18K gold diamond case to create. Bezel and lugs inlaid with 64 diamonds, weighing about 1.09 karats. Because watch the internal carrying Cal.537 / 1 automatic winding movement, watch waterproof 30 meters, only life waterproof.

Breguet Classic Series 5930BA / 12/986 watch

So luxury watches brands is to create a perfect watchmaking technology model, travel time accurate, clear and exquisite, elegant lines. Many refined gentlemen are fascinated by it. fake rolex with 35.5 mm table diameter design, 18K gold case to create. With black crocodile leather strap, it is elegant and outstanding, beautiful

Breguet Classic Series 7787BR / 29 / 9V6 watch

Watch with “white large enamel dial”, “blue hollow eccentric moon pointer”, “Breguet Arabic numerals when”, “hidden signature” and a number of original brand identity. Fully highlight the Breguet simple introverted, timeless unique style. But the only regret is that the watch does not have a calendar display window.

Breguet Classic Series 5327BA / 1E / 9V6 watch

Super complex calendar watches, so the price is also a lot of money. 39 mm in diameter, 18K gold to create, silver plated gold dial. With hand engraved patterns, showing the week, date, month and leap year. And can also show the moon phase profit and loss and power reserve, in fact, a super complex watches. Watch also reprovision platinum, rose gold and platinum style to choose from.

Breguet luxury watches brands, I have always been the only person who really has royal aristocratic blood to have it.

It is a noble symbol, it is the embodiment of royal identity. Even to the present. Its noble descent is still flowing in every watch. If you have it, please take care of it.

Popular breguet of replica watches

Popular breguet:In the uk replica watches, gold, jewelry and rich sexy design. Anyone can not escape its temptation. And when a watch to capture the love of women and its transformation into the ultimate charming appearance. Combined with accurate and reliable movement. It is not difficult to imagine that women should be so obsessed with this watch. Today’s watch home for you to recommend three beautiful ladies watch. So that you can enjoy a more detailed experience of their ultimate charm.

Popular breguet Naples Queen Series 8918 watch

As the Queen Mother of the Queen of Bengal for women. All along, its watches are highly attracted by high-end female consumers. In this year, Breguet launched the Naples Queen Series 8918 watch. So this charming watch with eye-catching Breguet Arabic numerals, agile and lively blue, dotted on the beautiful dial above. And Tahitian mother of pearl dials moist luster pavilions.

6 o’clock position decorated with exquisite hand-carved carved patterns, bright pear-shaped diamond blooming dazzling light, eye-catching. Watch with rose gold case, bezel around the inlaid bright cut diamonds. Because the crown is decorated with a shiny pear-shaped cut diamonds. The internal carrying Breguet Cal. 537/3 automatic winding movement. Match the elegant curves between the wrist and the wrist.

Cartier Panthère de Cartier cheetah watch

Was born in the twentieth century, the eighties of the cheetah watch was all the rage. Although after the shutdown, but its distinctive appearance is still memorable. This year, this unique watch series to reproduce. By Cartier new interpretation, so popular all the way to reproduce the modern style. Square case smooth lines, with a flexible chain of chain bracelet, soft clothes in the wrist. Unique temperament is memorable.So this is even more rectangular pattern, a Brooklyn artistic sense of blowing. So the black on the bracelet is black enamel. Carrying a quartz movement, eliminating the long time do not wear the resulting adjustment time trouble.

Jaeger-LeCoultre series show day and night watch

Jaeger-LeCoultre dating series of watches, its highly feminine appearance. Attracting a lot of beautiful watch women lovers eyes. So this plot family day and night display watch, using rose gold case. Bezel set in a circle of fine diamonds. Let the watch more luxurious. Mother of pearl with a dial, rounded luster.

Because large Arabic numerals and 5 minutes of a vertical bar cut off to make it clear and easy to understand. Light yellow crocodile leather strap, echoed with the color of the case. Equipped with day and night display function. In the beautiful while also increasing the fun of the watch. Jaeger-LeCoultre 898A / 1 movement, providing 42 hours of power reserve.

Popular breguet:Precious metal material, jewelry mosaic, beautiful appearance.

For women, perhaps this is the charm of high-end watch. So that they can not stop.

Hot Selling Products Of Breguet watch

Breguet, a great influence on the swiss replica watches industry brand. As early as 1775 has already started the watchmaking career, until today, even full of endless charm. On behalf of the modern process of the three complex functions: Tourbillon, calendar. Three question spring are from the brand watchmaker’s handwriting, called the Breguet watch industry miracle. The creation of every piece of time, are called classic, intriguing.

It has never stopped the pace of the creation of Breguet watches and clocks. In 2016, a number of classic Breguet watch to follow the times once again into the people’s attention. Which has a watch home editor today for everyone to introduce the retro elegant wind full of Burgundy gray disk timing function watch. (Watch model: 3817ST / X2 / 3ZU)


Simple classic boom has not yet dispersed, retro elegant style has quietly come. Retro and nostalgic, itself is difficult to distinguish between the two words. Due to nostalgia is just a feeling, and retro is an attitude. Nostalgia can be very broad, and retro is directed. Make people feel much more than nostalgia.

Like this classic Breguet watch like silver bezel with case, rock gray disc with dark brown leather strap. Look at it at first glance will feel a thick retro wind blowing, people can not stop. The atmosphere of the disk slightly rough, cigars and coffee in general with the color. Show nowadays urban fashion in the most men in the unique type, tough temperament. Worthy of another brand for the masterpiece.

Diameter of 42 meters of stainless steel case, the thickness of 15.2 mm. Case externally decorated with coins, after grinding process. Exquisite type, its unique tough, classic connotation to show it. Equipped with two-way rotating bezel, texture is more good, to facilitate the operation of the watch. By watching the Breguet watch as a whole, you can see the details of the watch on the watch is in place. Both to add the fine beauty of the watch for the overall image of extra points.

Because watch the use of rock gray dial, scale ring with avant-garde design style of Arabic numerals. With fluorescent points, plus a fluorescent pointer and dot scale. To facilitate the view in a dark environment, for the readability of the watch to provide material basis. 3 o’clock position with day and night display, 6 o’clock position with 12 hours timer and date window, 9 o’clock position with a small second hand. So the central position has a minute timer. Engraved Breguet invisible signature for the watch to add brand unique charm.

Anti-skid texture design and polished steel crown produced a unique soft and delicate luster. In the side of the Breguet watch coins decorated against the background under the ornamental full, very beautiful. Good sense of the crown is not smooth, to ensure the smooth operation of the Breguet watch.

With the polished process of circular lug lines smooth and natural, very good strap and watch together. Glossy and delicate, looks beautiful, elegant and solemn.

So watch with a back through the process design, through the sapphire crystal bottom cover can see the movement of the operation, do not have some fun. Watch equipped with 584 Q / 2 self-winding chronograph movement, with “fly back” function. 26 gems.

With 48 hours power storage, waterproof rating of 100 meters. At the same time have a reverse Swiss linear leveraged escapement, with silvery escapement fork. Built-in hot hot silky gossamer. Its vibration frequency of 4 Hz, 6 square adjustment.So engraved number and Breguet invisible signature, showing the uniqueness of the watch with the classic classics of the brand.

The soft lugs are connected to a dark brown calf belt and are comfortable to wear.

The use of sewing technology it is a very common look, but more and more taste. Connecting a steel folding clasp, for the watch in the wrist to provide security protection. Do not easily fall from the wrist.So clasped engraved Breguet English word logo, highlight the unique charm of the brand.

Slightly rough and has a rich connotation, retro with a modern urban atmosphere, it still has a type of money. Inheritance of the brand’s long classic design, the atmosphere is no lack of exquisite. Fine between the side was superb technology, I believe this timepiece will be love retro and urban feelings of the best choice.

Pictures of fashion girl watch–Breguet

On the classic heritage and innovation is a major feature of uk replica watches. This year, full of legendary Breguet brand again set sail, to the traditional exquisite watch and watchmakers tribute. Breguet made of classic series Classique Dame 9088 ladies diamond moon phase watch elegant and timeless.

For the aesthetic excellence of the Breguet watch series add a classic timepiece. Simple and pure lines, heritage brand characteristics of the Breguet blue steel pointer. Highlight the Breguet more than 240 years of historical accumulation, exquisite appearance is extraordinary extraordinary quality. The following let the watch home editor with you to enjoy its style. (Watch model: 9088BR / 52/964 / DD0D)

Deep cultural heritage, and constantly blaze new and innovative Breguet

Speaking of Breguet’s invention, in this time on the count to reflect the largest number of white dial on the three full charm of the blue – Breguet blue steel pointer. Because blue steel hourly pointer to Breguet in 1783 creation of the classic tip hollow pointer for inspiration. On this basis, once again ingenuity design.

There are silvery balance wheel hairspring, silvery escapement wheel and escapement fork. And we are most familiar with the automatic winding and other watch parts are proud of the invention of the brand. Classic style and style, making this watch brand atmosphere is more intense. Breaking the previous moon phase display window design, the semi-circular cover to heart type. More responsive to the trend of the times, highlight the brand’s continuous progress and innovation!

Because diameter of 30 mm 18k rose gold diamond case, the edge decorated with exquisite coins pattern. With a bright diamond with a gentle luxury rose gold, highlighting the watch’s dazzling luster and unique charm. So bezel and lugs inlaid bright cut diamonds, talent, so that the whole time is more elegant and elegant. Polished 18k rose gold ear with diamonds. Soft texture, smooth lines, on behalf of eternal diamonds and low-key luxury rose gold shine each other. Very beautiful.

White fancy “enamel dial 6 o’clock position with a small second hand and moon phase profit and loss window.Because dial engraved with independent number and Breguet stealth signature. Scale ring with Roman numerals, minute dial inlaid little stars. Using a unique lily five Minute scale. Highlight the brand Breguet long and far-reaching tabulation tradition of the most noble respect. Exquisite elegance adds to the readability of the watch.Many phase and moon show for the watch to add a fun and practical function.

The same is 18k rose gold material crown, using non-slip texture design style.

Because operation is not smooth, delicate texture. And watch can be a perfect fusion as a whole, for the watch aesthetics plus points.

Breguet Classic Series Classique9087 Ms. Moon phase watch with back through the design style.So through the back cover can see the movement of the movement, do not have some fun.So equipped with Breguet 537L self-winding mechanical movement, equipped with silvery escapement and gossamer, with 45 hours power reserve. Built-in Swiss linear leveraged silvery escapement, silky gossamer and other devices, vibration frequency of 3.5 Hz. Banqiao decorated with Geneva ripple, gold balance wheel is also decorated with exquisite wheat stakes decorated pattern. Even the movement is also more refined and beautiful. And the movement engraved with independent number and Breguet signature, making the watch’s unique and classic to show all.

Due to bright and beautiful dial to connect a white leather strap, to show the purity of the ladies and elegant beauty. With 18k rose gold diamond button buckle. And watch itself echoes, show the perfect image of the watch.

So adhering to the brand tradition, pioneering and innovative Breguet will be advanced technology and professional watchmaking skills integration. To create this classic, excellent ladies watch.

So moving blue steel pointer, on behalf of the high watch the traditional 537L automatic winding mechanical movement.So design unique moon phase function. This elegant and elegant watch is definitely the elegant lady’s choice.