Chinese blancpain watches of swiss wrist series

To welcome the upcoming 2012, Blancpain presents a grand new year for the three new wrist watches. Including the Chinese Dragon Limited Edition Caruso watch, “Octopus” Rainbow Jewelry Tourbillon sets of watches and Chinese Red Women Lotus watch.

Chinese Dragon Limited Edition Carrousel chinese blancpain watches

Specially designed for the upcoming Chinese New Year, 43.5mm red gold case. Heaven and earth Caruso yin and yang dial, the table at the end of K gold material placed Tuo engraved dragon totem pattern. Equipped with Cal.225 automatic Caruso movement. The movement consists of 262 parts. Power reserve up to 100 hours. So the world’s limited edition of 50, each table are engraved with limited number at the end.

“Octopus” Rainbow Jewelry Tourbillon sets of watches

So this limited edition collection consists of an art collection box. So this collection box is inspired by the shape of a mechanical watch. Internal display of top 5 fine watchmakers produced by the top jewelry tourbillon watch. Watch colorful, dial embedded more than 150 natural color diamonds. Because the diamonds are ingeniously calculated inlay, using the most unique mosaic method: the diamond is embedded into the groove of the dial from below.

So this practice is to promote the dial absolute plane, and diamonds in the same plane above. After the diamonds are set in those grooves, the beads are held against the diamonds so that they do not fall off. And the gap between the diamond and the dial has been less than 0.01 mm. Tourbillon at 12 o’clock, large calendar at 6 o’clock. Through the transparent replica watch to enjoy the carrying PT950 movement. Equipped with white strap.

Chinese Red Women Lotus watch

Chinese blancpain watches:This specially designed and released ladies watch collection for the Asian market has a very bold and avant-garde design. Double bezel inlaid with two rows of diamond inlaid, with guilloche fringe trim simple and fresh dial.

Because the central lotus pattern modification, Lotus pattern embellished eye-catching Arabic numerals.

With hours, minutes, seconds and date display function, the date is displayed at 6 o’clock position. Transparent through the sapphire crystal back cover peep Cal.1150 equipped with self-winding movement. The movement consists of 188 parts. Equipped with red silk belt. The world’s limited 138.

Popular fake series of various brands watches

About the moon’s beautiful imagination, men actually want to be more abundant in women. Men are not only indulged in the beauty of the flowers under the moon accompanied, will also imagine this planet from the Earth fake rolex behind the existence of biological existence. In the watch world, the moon also gives watchmakers the most romantic design inspiration. The more the most poetic function was born – the moon phase. Moonlight moonlight from this month, all in circulation on the wrist.

Vacheron Constantin masterpiece series 47300 / 000G-9064 watch

Maltese cross the moon under the square phase popular fake series watch, rose gold and brown Mississippi crocodile skin with even more distinguished. Suitable for older men.

Blancpain moon show series 6654-3642-55B watch

Mention Moonphase, you have to mention Blancpain. Mention Po Blanc had to mention Villeret series. 2011 Basel Villeret series introduced a new paragraph, the new plus 2mm table diameter, reached 40mm. More in line with the customer’s aesthetic, the market performance is naturally quite good. 6654 platinum and rose gold in the major Blancpain store out of stock is a good proof. The company is located in:

Breguet classic series 7137BA / 11 / 9V6 gold watch

Complex and special style, recognition is very high. Such a complicated design case thickness actually only 8.65 mm, more commendable. Breguet with a gold case with classic polished pattern more prominent elegance of the temperament of the owner.

Glashütte Pano Classic Series 90-02-14-02-04 watch

A very toxic phase of a moon watch, at least my friends around for many years, “remember” it. Glashütte representative three circle heart dial design. Moon phase function at 2 o’clock position, personality is also very eye-catching. Stainless steel case to reduce the price, it also makes it into the middle class purchase list.

Slim section design, the thickness of only 4mm! This is due to Audemars Piguet Cal.2120 / 2802 movement! Dial is not common white, but with a little gray, Aude’s logo close to the moon phase function. Enough to clear the theme of the replica watch, in addition to the price a little expensive, is simply the perfect choice for the moon phase watch.

Earl Emperador Pincushion Moon Series G0A34021 Watch

Belongs to the Earl Black Belt series of moon phase watch, moon phase function to imitate the lunar surface uneven. Expressive nature did not say. Before starting to pay attention to this section of the moon table diameter of up to 46.5mm, money can hold live under the premise. Also need to consider whether people can hold this watch.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Series Q1368420 watch

Less than 80,000 price, start the top brands of moon phase popular fake series watch, the price did not say. This section of master series is the moon phase watch simple models. Can be seen as a big three-pin product to increase the function of a month. The watch owner must be a particularly romantic young talent.

Mido moon phase series M8607.3.M1.4 watch

Mido Belen Sai series also has a watch with moon phase function. But also with a date display, week display, month display, timekeeping function, the price of less than 20,000. Be regarded as the most value entry-level complex moon phase watch.

Raymond Wei Maestro series 2839-STC-00209 watch

Dial grinding complex, full of three-dimensional pattern and is very “very good” a moon phase table. There Jiang Wen couple endorsement, not too bright enough?

Men who like watches have the need to have a monthly list. It may not be your first Popular fake series watch, nor the last one.

But it must be the one that gives you the most romance.

Blancpain villeret watches of classic fake series

Blancpain villeret watches as one of the world’s oldest watchmaking factory, has a lot of patented watchmaking industry. Because the essence of Blancpain blancpain villeret watches lies in the history of nearly 300 years of development has never produced a quartz watch. Continuous innovation on the precision mechanical watch R & D is the essence of Blancpain watchmaking.

Elegant shape design precision parts polished every detail shows the exquisite uniqueness of blancpain villeret watches . Some people say that if you buy a thin table will definitely choose Blancpain. Because Blancpain had produced the world’s thinnest watch. Today, I bring you a Blancpain series is also a section of the watch. Blancpain Villeret Series 6653-3630-55B watch comments.

Blancpain Villeret Collection 6653-3630-55B blancpain villeret watches with elegant design. Black dial with rose gold material case, the classic Roman numerals time scale. Because the solar radiation emitted by the entire dial centering on the center of the small second hand. So that the entire dial to increase the infinite movement, 30 seconds retrograde small dial to become another highlight of this watch.

This time we put a few “poison” real shot pictures for everyone to look at. Then we gradually appreciate every detail of this replica rolex.

Sapphire crystal glass table mirror in the light of the flickering glow of blue light, fascinating. Louboutin willow-shaped pointer beautiful and easy to read.

The overlap of two pointers intersects the radioactive solar lines. Make this watch more layered.

This is an ultra-thin watch belonging to Blancpain villeret watches. Used Blancpain Cal.7663 automatic mechanical movement with hours, minutes, and 30 seconds reverse jump function, 40 mm table diameter in the male form is more modest size. Due to join the 30 seconds retrograde function. So the thickness of the movement has increased, making the thickness of this watch reached 10.68 mm.

Dial design uses a very literary radio sun patterns to decorate. Time scale using the classic ancient Roman numerals, six o’clock position 30 seconds retrograde small dial. When the small seconds walked to “30” position will quickly return to the “0” position is very personal.

Because of fake rolex this watch adds a retrograde jump function. So the thickness of the movement has also increased. As we all know, retrograde is a very technical content of the technology, the requirements of the movement is also very high. To achieve it requires a very complex process, so increasing the thickness of this watch is understandable. After all, this watch uses a total of 215 components, 34 gems, which can also be seen in this watch complex process.

This Blancpain villeret watches uses the Blancpain Cal.7663 automatic mechanical movement.

This movement has also been used Blancpain 4063 series watches and other products, is a more classic movement. With 30 meters waterproof capacity, 65 hours of power reserve. Reversible distinctive features, black decorative solar radiation pattern dial. Ancient Roman time scales are some very classic elements. Because the current price of this watch is about 160,000, can be said to be more classic style. If you like, you can consult the local store or dealer.

Hot selling blancpain watch of popular series

Jaecker LeCoultre Master Grande Tradition Q5023402 watch

Dial flying inside the flying tourbillon as a driving force. Used to calculate the so-called star day, rather than the general time, and depict the exquisite northern hemisphere starry sky. At the outer edge of the dial, a sun runs on the dial for exactly 24 hours. In addition, the bezel also shows the zodiac sign and month sign.

Hot selling blancpain watch Leman 6057-3442-55b watch

Hot selling blancpain watch:Enamel coloring dial, through the 6 o’clock position of the window, the time cam and the top of the paw are clearly visible. The window on the dial is the time to show the cam. The relationship between the Earth’s rotation and the orbit is shown by the exact calculation of the shape. And the earth is tilted around the sun, and it shows the silhouette of some of our solar systems.

Goblin Cat’S Eye 80483D53P761-KK7A watch

So the new Cat’s Eye calendar rolex replica watches brings together the standard time, moon phase and constellation calendar. By the GP Girard Perregaux table developed their own top movement out of a pleasing moon-hui-hui picture. Accurate movement function is not bad seconds, more active traces of the zodiac.

Below the dial, a flashing lucky star dragging the hollow window, twelve constellations with the month of the season transfer. So the center of the dial shows the profit and loss.

Although the star watch is often millions of the price. But this still does not hinder them in the bezel super high popularity. At the same time for the brand, to be able to produce a unique star of the star watch is the brand status of the upgrade.

Hot selling blancpain watch:From the above for everyone to recommend the style which we are not difficult to find this collection of sophisticated watchmaking technology brands are the absolute line of the original bowl of the brand.

It is not difficult to understand those who make friends who can not reach the high price.

Best blancpain watches of hot selling product

Since the 20th century, 80 years, Blancpain Villeret series of perfect heritage brand essence, classic charm never stopped. Round double bezel design. Roman numerals and low-key introverted elegance aesthetic achievements Blancpain Villeret series of immortal legend. Official model: 6659-3631-MMB

Watch diameter of 42 mm, the thickness of 13.50 mm, 18K red gold case inlaid with a sapphire crystal table mirror. Even in the outdoor sun can easily read the time on the disk display.

White large enamel arched dial in the shining 18K red gold case is more noble and elegant, enamel texture hard. With a unique gem-like luster and a sense of transparency, good enamel works can be saved for hundreds of years, or even thousands of years. But the burning process absolutely requires a wealth of experience and the mastery of temperature. Even so, still need to go through a lot of burning failure process. To burn out a perfect enamel face plate.

So the calendar display is located at 3 o’clock on the dial and the week display is at 9 o’clock. Month and leap year show at 12 o’clock position, exquisite moon phase is located at 6 o’clock position. So the calendar can accurately display the exact date information in different months. And in the leap year to accurately show the first 29 days in February, without the need for manual correction of the wearer.

Hour and minute hand with a strong classical flavor of the hollow willow needle, slender, round and elegant. While the blue small needle is for the elegant disk to bring a trace of ripples.

replica watchesMoon phase can show the moon’s profit and loss. Through the window on the dial, you can see the moon phase disc showing the moon phase. So the moon phase display is driven by a star wheel with 59 teeth. Equivalent to two full moon periods of 29.5 days. Thus, the moon disc pushed by this star wheel will show twice full moon cycle. So the moon phase display is the same as the date display, and is driven by the gear train at 18 o’clock every day.

Double Circle Stacked Bezel Micro-Inclined Round Case with Blancpain’s traditional features. And homeopathic and slightly curved sapphire crystal mirror perfect bonding.

Best blancpain watches side is still showing a micro-arc, in order to take into account the practical needs. So the angle of the lugs and the edges of the contours are extremely detailed, not only looking full and slightly extending to the bottom of the table. After wearing a warm fit, very comfortable.

So the same is 18K red gold material crown, top decorated with Best blancpain watches classic mark. After grinding process, emitting a shining light.

Watch with a glittering chain, with the case match. And carefully adapted. And the case seamless, perfect fit with the wrist, giving the wearer a great sense of comfort.

With a folding clasp to 18K red gold material carefully polished.

So watch inside equipped with a blonde self-made Caliber 5939A movement. Bottom cover inside the use of fish scale pattern of laminated patterns, delicate soft. So this mechanical movement diameter of 32 mm, 7.25 mm thick, with 42 stones, the total parts to 379. Can provide 192 hours for the watch power reserve. Waterproof depth of 30 meters.

Best blancpain watches Series perpetual calendar watch red gold bracelet won its brand essence.

To simple and pure lines reflect the traditional watch the aesthetic concept. With gentle and elegant temperament, driving a touch of subtle light.

Blancpain watch of fake series

Blancpain watch:Reproduction of the classic past brilliant treasures treasure white fifty MIL-SPEC engraved limited edition replica watches uk

Speaking of diving watch, have to mention is the Swiss senior watch brand Blancpain 50 series. As early as 1953, Blancpain fifty years have already come out With excellent waterproof features and a new watch design.

So laid the modern diving watch industry standards. Become the benchmark for the entire industry to lead. 2017, at the Basel Watch & Jewelery Fair. Brand 50 series with a combination of excellent waterproof performance of the fine tradition. So Launched this full of reliability of the Blancpain 50 MIL-SPEC engraved limited edition watch.So the new watch adds a humidity indicator. For this timid diving table and then fill the new connotation.

Experience in diving, well aware of its risks and needs. Let the Blancpain 50 series has been walking in the forefront of the diving table, with the extraordinary achievements of the brand. Each of the classic watches are reflected in the professional aspects of diving.

Each of the fifty 噚 watch is a scuba diving pioneer of praise. So based on their underwater field, Blancpain constantly breaks the dive limit of the dive watch. Developed a more high-quality, reliable and excellent dive time. Show the extraordinary mission of the brand.

Blancpain 50 MIL-SPEC engraved limited edition watch
So the new diving schedule is limited to 500 pieces. Equipped with NATO NATO military strap, sailing canvas strap or with a safety clasp of stainless steel bracelet. In place to deal with the details of the entire watch to show a full and attractive characteristics. Superior diving features make it meet the requirements of the times. Become the ideal diving watch in the hearts of watches and clocks.

40.3 mm steel case
Inheritance Blancao 50 噚 feature one-way rotating bezel, reliable and beautiful. At the beginning of the dive, turn the zero scale of the rotating bezel to the position indicated by the minute hand. So the purpose of doing so is after the water. Watch the wearer can clearly and intuitively watch the duration of diving, convenient and reliable.

Double sealed steel crown
Because large double sealed crown, to enhance the waterproof watch.b Because stainless steel polishing treatment, showing a great visual experience, exquisite. So crown engraved with the top of the “JB” brand LOGO logo given to the unique style of Blancpain. Pits designed to make the crown easy to adjust. And equipped with shoulder pads, to protect the crown from impact.
Innovative hygrometer dial

Inheritance Blancpain 50 噚 diving Blancpain watch classic design, black round dial. Covered with Super-LuminNova luminous part of the central pointer and time scale against each other. Even in the dark submarine environment can also observe the time now.

Arched sapphire crystal table mirror, so that time to show more eye-catching intuitive. More dial added a little sense of fullness. 6 above the standard for the design of innovation: hygrometer device. If the moisture into the watch, dial 6 o’clock on the small disc will be turned from white to red, to the warning effect. So the date display window is located between 4 and 5 times the standard, at a glance.

Blancpain self-produced self-winding 1151 movement
Through the sapphire crystal glass back cover, you can see the movement on the NAC (a platinum alloy) gold pendulum Tuo.

Which engraved on the brand logo to give the watch a unique style. So brand self-produced self-winding 1151 movement is equipped with two series of the main barrel, with up to 4 days of power reserve.

In addition, the movement is equipped with anti-seismic silicon hairspring, compared with the traditional hairspring. Light weight, strong shock resistance it can reduce the temperature difference, the impact of the magnetic field on the watch. So guarantee the travel time is accurate, the reliability is full. Waterproof depth of 300 meters.

Nautical canvas strap
Exquisite stainless steel lugs to connect a full texture of the sail canvas strap. Stylish and beautiful, easy to wear. So connect a safety clasp. So can be a good watch fixed in the wrist, not easy to fall, very reliable.

Blancpain watch 50 MIL-SPEC engraved limited edition watch

Adhering to the tradition of excellent diving watch, the new Blancpain 50 MIL-SPEC engraved watch inherited the classic Blancpain watch all the diving technology features.

Because the brand excellent waterproof performance and visual experience to show up.

From the early Mil-Spec hygrometer display function, not only for the dial into a engraved classical elements. So and play a certain role in early warning, showing the advantages of reliable and durable. Because like this watch watch friends, may wish to enter the brand store. To see its style.