Blancpain villeret watches of classic fake series

Blancpain villeret watches as one of the world’s oldest watchmaking factory, has a lot of patented watchmaking industry. Because the essence of Blancpain blancpain villeret watches lies in the history of nearly 300 years of development has never produced a quartz watch. Continuous innovation on the precision mechanical watch R & D is the essence of Blancpain watchmaking.

Elegant shape design precision parts polished every detail shows the exquisite uniqueness of blancpain villeret watches . Some people say that if you buy a thin table will definitely choose Blancpain. Because Blancpain had produced the world’s thinnest watch. Today, I bring you a Blancpain series is also a section of the watch. Blancpain Villeret Series 6653-3630-55B watch comments.

Blancpain Villeret Collection 6653-3630-55B blancpain villeret watches with elegant design. Black dial with rose gold material case, the classic Roman numerals time scale. Because the solar radiation emitted by the entire dial centering on the center of the small second hand. So that the entire dial to increase the infinite movement, 30 seconds retrograde small dial to become another highlight of this watch.

This time we put a few “poison” real shot pictures for everyone to look at. Then we gradually appreciate every detail of this replica rolex.

Sapphire crystal glass table mirror in the light of the flickering glow of blue light, fascinating. Louboutin willow-shaped pointer beautiful and easy to read.

The overlap of two pointers intersects the radioactive solar lines. Make this watch more layered.

This is an ultra-thin watch belonging to Blancpain villeret watches. Used Blancpain Cal.7663 automatic mechanical movement with hours, minutes, and 30 seconds reverse jump function, 40 mm table diameter in the male form is more modest size. Due to join the 30 seconds retrograde function. So the thickness of the movement has increased, making the thickness of this watch reached 10.68 mm.

Dial design uses a very literary radio sun patterns to decorate. Time scale using the classic ancient Roman numerals, six o’clock position 30 seconds retrograde small dial. When the small seconds walked to “30” position will quickly return to the “0” position is very personal.

Because of fake rolex this watch adds a retrograde jump function. So the thickness of the movement has also increased. As we all know, retrograde is a very technical content of the technology, the requirements of the movement is also very high. To achieve it requires a very complex process, so increasing the thickness of this watch is understandable. After all, this watch uses a total of 215 components, 34 gems, which can also be seen in this watch complex process.

This Blancpain villeret watches uses the Blancpain Cal.7663 automatic mechanical movement.

This movement has also been used Blancpain 4063 series watches and other products, is a more classic movement. With 30 meters waterproof capacity, 65 hours of power reserve. Reversible distinctive features, black decorative solar radiation pattern dial. Ancient Roman time scales are some very classic elements. Because the current price of this watch is about 160,000, can be said to be more classic style. If you like, you can consult the local store or dealer.