Best omega of fake watch

When the Best omega Speedmaster series “dark side of the moon” replica watches uk ink black models launched. A new era of chronograph watch on this began. Completely based on coaxial escapement technology characteristics of the development of the new 9300 automatic winding chronograph movement. Equipped with a full set of new shell, in addition to ceramic case, ceramic bezel, ceramic clasp, and even ceramic dial.Best omega

If the Apollo 8 astronauts adventure process and achieved brilliant achievements inspired Omega pure black pot series “dark side of the” watch the creative inspiration. So the mysterious earth night is to stimulate the series of four other watch the birth.

As the super series “dark side of the” watch “black” section (model: 311., all black shape, “All Black” style. 44.25 case with polished and matte black ceramic. Equipped with matte black ceramic dial, with black coated nylon strap and black ceramic clasp. Scrub pointers and scales are blacken and covere with black Super-LumiNova luminous coating. Black ceramic bezel with black paint speed scale.

Polished with the crown and timing buttons, visible Omega unique exquisite craft.

Black coate nylon strap pressure line is black, inside the red. Black ceramic folding clasp, printed with Omega brand logo.

Flat convex sapphire crystal, black matte ceramic bezel with speed scale.

Best omega watch with black matte ceramic dial, pointer and scale are blackened and covered with black Super-LumiNova luminous coating. Which is the “black” the name of the source. So watch 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock position with two matte black dial, 3 o’clock position is 60 minutes and 12 hours timer small dial, small seconds dial set at 9 o’clock position. On the whole more symmetrical. 6 o’clock for the date display window.

Hour scale, center clock, minute hand and the middle of the second hand are attach with luminous coating. Able to guarantee reading in the dark.

Because watch interior equipped with Omega 9300 automatic winding coaxial chronograph movement. Equipped with longitudinal wheel timing device.So equipped with a silicon gossamer without card count hairspring balance wheel and the continuous arrangement of the double barrel, two-way automatic winding system. So the rhodium-plated surface is decorate with a unique Arabic-style Geneva ripple. Power storage for up to 60 hours.

Ceramic material, all black appearance, equipped with Omega 9300 self-winding chronograph movement is definitely the timing of today’s watches for the benchmark. Accreditation to the Observatory is not only improve in the travel time accuracy. Its 15,000 Gaussian high-magnetic assurance also allows the watch in the daily use of peace of mind.

So this Best omega Speedmaster series “dark side of the month” watch ink black price of 95,800 RMB.

As a technology to reach the industry’s top level of professional chronograph watch. Cost is very high, worth buying.