Three chronograph watches of men fake products

Three chronograph watches:Chronograph function, popular saying that the watch is loaded in the case of two seconds. When the timer button is pressed, the chronograph pointer overlaps with the needle pointer. When the chronograph button is press for the first time, the needle stops and the time can be record. The chronograph button is press twice, the chronograph pointer joins the chase pointer again.

And this function for the movement of the requirements need to be more stringent level can be done. But also because of this function in the daily life of the use of sex is not large, so there is no wide range of popular. But today, watch home will rekindle “chasing chronograph” fire. As we count several chronograph chronograph. Maybe you will gradually find, chasing chronograph charm.

Iowa series IW371215 watch

Portugal series double chase watch. With its double chronograph function and retro blue face dial design for the public like. Case and table are used 18k rose gold material, dial design in order to better meet its positioning. Designers use point and round retro design.

While the band with a black leather strap, making the whole more elegant. This is also a very rare number of Portuguese series of modern chronograph chronograph. Portuguese timing itself has a high reputation. But at a higher level of timing. It lacks a strong appeal. This time it filled the vacancy. Let us wait and see its market performance.

Panerai LUMINOR 1950 series PAM00427 uk replica watches

Continuation of the Panerai LUMINOR 1950 series of classic design, square case, a unique bridge design. But this table of double chase pin second hand is its biggest bright spot.

Blue and silver white two-second design in the black dial is very eye-catching. Movement with manual winding movement P.2006 movement, watch launched in 2013. Currently on the market has been more difficult to see. It is also a small number of Panerai harness with chronograph function watch.

Three chronograph watches:Lange 1815 Series 706.025 watch

Lange superb watchmaking skills from this section can be reflect in a 706.025 three chronograph watches. 2017 Geneva Watch Fair, Lange launched a new series of 1815 series, 706.025. So this watch uses the Lange homemade cal.L133.1 manual winding movement, and such a combination of calendar, stop the second tourbillon, chronograph timing and so on the complex function of the watch movement, the size is only 32 mm, Thickness is also controll at 10.9 mm. So there is no doubt that Lange will be high-precision, high-end watchmaking skills to show the perfect form out.

Three chronograph watches:People in the discussion now tabulation skills, sometimes quartz, smart watch and mechanical watch confused.

But in fact there is no comparison between the three values. Mechanical watch through its complex watchmaking skills. Because the charm is still showing a lot of people. And this one, the existence of chronograph chronograph. But also to retain the traditional skills, to retain the mechanical watch can not be replace by the status.

Lange watch of fake series

Lange watch:Do not be late, straight into the topic. When the major table after the end of the exhibition (including the Geneva Exhibition, Basel Exhibition, etc.), the world’s many replica watches magazines, watch sites, will be selected in this watch the most heavyweight, the most recommended watches, Made a list of certain 10 watches. In the past many years, this is what I will do every year.

But I know, in fact, this list of subjectivity is too strong, are their own views. This year because I do not have to rack their brains in the magazine, so I want to do a more interesting thing.

Lange Zeitwerk Decimal Strike
In anticipation, Lange Zeitwerk Decimal Strike
Compared to Cartier, this only Lange Zeitwerk Decimal Strike from the table also represents the “public opinion.” Is a recognized cow table. I think the reason why more people to vote for this table only. Vacheron Constantin’s mysterious complex is magnificent. But it is impossible to buy, because only one.
Lambert Owl Zeitwerk Decimal Strike Self-Narrative Movement with a constant force device.
So this is the only new Lange Zeitwerk Decimal Strike self-ming is Lange launched the third owl spring table.

The second is to report 10 minutes of the three asked the table. So the Owl Zeitwerk Decimal Strike is in the middle of both, is a newspaper for 10 minutes. For this watch, Lange gives a high specification. This is limited to 100. The second is the use of tremblage engraving on the disk and hammer. Is the disk and hammer looked like a “sandblasting”.

On the other hand, the table in the global table altar was favorable, heat more than Langer’s own chasing needle Tourbillon calendar. I think people also see the watch in the watch industry in a unique position.

Because the Lange Owl itself jump word, the movement of the constant force device, plus three spring function model. In the watch industry is unique, and this only Zeitwerk Decimal Strike self-Ming table price only Lange chase needle Tourbillon calendar a quarter. So we can learn why, why so many people like owls, buy owls so much.

Lange Owl Zeitwerk Decimal Strike Part of the disk and the hammer used the tremblage carving process, the disk and the hammer looked like “blasting”.

The third table, I did not notice a little before. Until later learned about its details, I suddenly found that only the election table is good. This watch is the Athens enamel tourbillon.