Rolex Omega watch recommended

Rolex Omega watch recommended

We all know that different occasions to wear different clothes, this is not difficult for us. However, if different occasions to wear a different watch may be a little difficult. First, a watch expensive, for the general public, at the same time have a few pieces of a bit impractical. Secondly, the selection of different styles of watch time-consuming and laborious. Xiaobian today to recommend two versatile watches, T stage catwalk, entertainment, daily work everything, let you a “watch” go the world.

firstly Rolex Omega watch recommended

rolex replica Oyster Perpetual Series 114300 blue plate

Rolex Omega watch recommended

Watch diameter: 39 mm
Movement Model: 3132
Case material: stainless steel, 904L stainless steel
Watch Comments: Rolex can be said that the well-known brand, the quality is also very good guarantee, so a Rolex watch is a good choice. This Oyster constant blue plate watch design is very new, the use of color and grinding process are in place. And Oyster constant watch also has a waterproof function, to meet the daily wear, sports and other different needs. Strap by the three rows of large, smooth chain links, extremely strong. This same series of watches also have red grape dial, white dial, etc., for everyone to provide a wide range of options.

omega replica constellation series

Product Type:

Watch diameter: 24 mm
Movement type: quartz
Movement Model: Omega 1376
Case Material: Stainless steel case with engraved Roman numerals 18K red gold bezel
Waterproof depth: 100 meters
Watch Comments: light look, Omega constellation series will be able to capture a large number of people. 24 mm diameter is more suitable for women’s slender wrist, mother of pearl dial material to create a feeling of white clouds, super significant texture. Inlaid with twelve diamonds standard 18K red gold bezel, the watch looks elegant and luxurious. Bezel engraved with Roman numerals, and with “claw” classic logo. 18K red gold bracelet as a whole to add a beautiful.

Rolex Omega watch recommended

Summary: Both watches from the appearance or design, production process, are impeccable, no matter what occasion to wear can attract people’s attention, is the real all-round watch.

Ernest Borel Couple watch

Ernest Borel Couple watch. The Ernest Borel watch’s centuries-old legend love story enjoys popular support, and everlasting heritage of love so far, in the spirit of excellence, Ernest Borel watches from the very beginning followed the traditional Swiss watchmaking.

Ernest Borel Couple fake rolex watches watch Century watch legend because of love forever

Ernest Borel table everywhere left a “romantic, elegant” atmosphere, elegant and elegant series of watches designed elegant,

especially in the dial very hard, or use abstract art fonts, or with the three-dimensional nail scale, Sword shaped pointer and other details, are reflected in the Alice series. At the same time large case, large open face, is also the characteristics of Alice Series watch, showing the atmosphere, elegant and beautiful and unique connotation.

Ernest Borel Couple watch

Positive effect of the dial real shot

Rose gold plated stainless steel case, round and delicate, unique metallic sheen make the watch more refined,

elegant brown dial background, Roman numerals are arranged on the dial above the table, distinct atmosphere,

rather retro charm, the unique sword-shaped hands like the years Knife angular, exquisite walk in time.

Three o’clock position with calendar display function, practical and concise.

40mm mirror interpretation of the eternal classic, the watch as a whole simple retro, exudes elegance.

Screw-in crown for easy manipulation, the crown engraved with Ernest Borel table shorthand logo, like a butterfly dancing,

so small space will restore the shorthand logo to show the details of the intentions and craftsmanship exquisite.

Delicate metal texture, full volume Ze lugs and strap natural to undertake, seamless.

Through the back through the back of the watch, you can clearly see the movement, Swiss made 2824 / SW200 automatic movement,

exquisite polished and rhodium plated, engraved with Ernest Borel table simplified icon, and the Swiss made logo.

Brown leather strap soft Futie, wear it more comfortable, walking in the strap alignment neat and meticulous, very retro charm. Watch omega replica uk with a pin buckle, exquisite and shiny, the watch is engraved with English label Ernest Borel table.

Ernest Borel Couple watch

Ernest Borel watches with the century-old heritage of superb Haute Craft, and “romantic moments, because of the love of eternity” concept, to create people’s favorite watch.

Elegant and romantic style of integration of mechanical aesthetics, known as the “Swiss couple table model”,

witness the touching love of countless couples, inherited the cross-century love legend.

This watch is also a pair of lovers watches,

women’s models in addition to the basic difference between the same diameter and male models.

then you can consider this watch, because of love forever.