Blancpain watch of fake series

Blancpain watch:Reproduction of the classic past brilliant treasures treasure white fifty MIL-SPEC engraved limited edition replica watches uk

Speaking of diving watch, have to mention is the Swiss senior watch brand Blancpain 50 series. As early as 1953, Blancpain fifty years have already come out With excellent waterproof features and a new watch design.

So laid the modern diving watch industry standards. Become the benchmark for the entire industry to lead. 2017, at the Basel Watch & Jewelery Fair. Brand 50 series with a combination of excellent waterproof performance of the fine tradition. So Launched this full of reliability of the Blancpain 50 MIL-SPEC engraved limited edition watch.So the new watch adds a humidity indicator. For this timid diving table and then fill the new connotation.

Experience in diving, well aware of its risks and needs. Let the Blancpain 50 series has been walking in the forefront of the diving table, with the extraordinary achievements of the brand. Each of the classic watches are reflected in the professional aspects of diving.

Each of the fifty 噚 watch is a scuba diving pioneer of praise. So based on their underwater field, Blancpain constantly breaks the dive limit of the dive watch. Developed a more high-quality, reliable and excellent dive time. Show the extraordinary mission of the brand.

Blancpain 50 MIL-SPEC engraved limited edition watch
So the new diving schedule is limited to 500 pieces. Equipped with NATO NATO military strap, sailing canvas strap or with a safety clasp of stainless steel bracelet. In place to deal with the details of the entire watch to show a full and attractive characteristics. Superior diving features make it meet the requirements of the times. Become the ideal diving watch in the hearts of watches and clocks.

40.3 mm steel case
Inheritance Blancao 50 噚 feature one-way rotating bezel, reliable and beautiful. At the beginning of the dive, turn the zero scale of the rotating bezel to the position indicated by the minute hand. So the purpose of doing so is after the water. Watch the wearer can clearly and intuitively watch the duration of diving, convenient and reliable.

Double sealed steel crown
Because large double sealed crown, to enhance the waterproof watch.b Because stainless steel polishing treatment, showing a great visual experience, exquisite. So crown engraved with the top of the “JB” brand LOGO logo given to the unique style of Blancpain. Pits designed to make the crown easy to adjust. And equipped with shoulder pads, to protect the crown from impact.
Innovative hygrometer dial

Inheritance Blancpain 50 噚 diving Blancpain watch classic design, black round dial. Covered with Super-LuminNova luminous part of the central pointer and time scale against each other. Even in the dark submarine environment can also observe the time now.

Arched sapphire crystal table mirror, so that time to show more eye-catching intuitive. More dial added a little sense of fullness. 6 above the standard for the design of innovation: hygrometer device. If the moisture into the watch, dial 6 o’clock on the small disc will be turned from white to red, to the warning effect. So the date display window is located between 4 and 5 times the standard, at a glance.

Blancpain self-produced self-winding 1151 movement
Through the sapphire crystal glass back cover, you can see the movement on the NAC (a platinum alloy) gold pendulum Tuo.

Which engraved on the brand logo to give the watch a unique style. So brand self-produced self-winding 1151 movement is equipped with two series of the main barrel, with up to 4 days of power reserve.

In addition, the movement is equipped with anti-seismic silicon hairspring, compared with the traditional hairspring. Light weight, strong shock resistance it can reduce the temperature difference, the impact of the magnetic field on the watch. So guarantee the travel time is accurate, the reliability is full. Waterproof depth of 300 meters.

Nautical canvas strap
Exquisite stainless steel lugs to connect a full texture of the sail canvas strap. Stylish and beautiful, easy to wear. So connect a safety clasp. So can be a good watch fixed in the wrist, not easy to fall, very reliable.

Blancpain watch 50 MIL-SPEC engraved limited edition watch

Adhering to the tradition of excellent diving watch, the new Blancpain 50 MIL-SPEC engraved watch inherited the classic Blancpain watch all the diving technology features.

Because the brand excellent waterproof performance and visual experience to show up.

From the early Mil-Spec hygrometer display function, not only for the dial into a engraved classical elements. So and play a certain role in early warning, showing the advantages of reliable and durable. Because like this watch watch friends, may wish to enter the brand store. To see its style.

Fake zenith of fashion watch

Fake zenith:The history of the public, these most famous have been launched Panda brand. Are the current and today’s mechanical timing of the pioneer brand. Start with Cal.11, the general view that Cal.11 is the first watch in the history of automatic watch movement. This movement by several watch factory research and development, including Breitling, Hamilton, Buren, TAG Heuer and DD, carrying the movement of the fake rolex. Because this movement, these watch factory has a good automatic chronograph movement, although big and thick.

In the manual movement, the first half of the last century, manual chronograph movement has become more mature. Even today’s manual chronograph movement is also the reference to the design. At that time, a few well-known movement models are Valjoux 23, Valjoux 72, Midea Cal.13-20, Lemania 1873, FP, Longines 13 ZN and 30 CH. As well as Movado and so on. And these movements are not exclusive to a brand, but also supply to other brands. Thanks to these mature manual movement and symmetrical timing disk design. Panda plate is also equipped with these movements on the watch have been used.

Fake zenith EL PRIMERO movement launched in 1969, and Cal.11 is the same period of the product. Its characteristic is to improve the vibration frequency. In that era is very groundbreaking. From the mainstream 18000VPH, 21600VPH and 28800VPH three kinds of vibration frequency out, increased to 36000VPH, very avant-garde. At the same time this is an integrated self-winding chronograph movement. Real force when the famous panda disk chronograph, also began to glory in that era.

In addition, the famous Rolex Daytona. There are many panda design, the model to 6262,6263-based, including Paul Newman Daytona. Although Rolex in the official name of its chronograph for the Daytona series before, it has been in the timetable.

Fake zenith but really hot up, is the 1963 Dietong series after the advent of.

Especially Paul Newman wearing Daytona entry, so this series is different. Panda Di is the number of Dietong lovers of the heart of the good, the reason why the panda so far today is still very hot. This long line of classic for decades, the heat diminished.

Lange watch of fake series

Lange watch:Do not be late, straight into the topic. When the major table after the end of the exhibition (including the Geneva Exhibition, Basel Exhibition, etc.), the world’s many replica watches magazines, watch sites, will be selected in this watch the most heavyweight, the most recommended watches, Made a list of certain 10 watches. In the past many years, this is what I will do every year.

But I know, in fact, this list of subjectivity is too strong, are their own views. This year because I do not have to rack their brains in the magazine, so I want to do a more interesting thing.

Lange Zeitwerk Decimal Strike
In anticipation, Lange Zeitwerk Decimal Strike
Compared to Cartier, this only Lange Zeitwerk Decimal Strike from the table also represents the “public opinion.” Is a recognized cow table. I think the reason why more people to vote for this table only. Vacheron Constantin’s mysterious complex is magnificent. But it is impossible to buy, because only one.
Lambert Owl Zeitwerk Decimal Strike Self-Narrative Movement with a constant force device.
So this is the only new Lange Zeitwerk Decimal Strike self-ming is Lange launched the third owl spring table.

The second is to report 10 minutes of the three asked the table. So the Owl Zeitwerk Decimal Strike is in the middle of both, is a newspaper for 10 minutes. For this watch, Lange gives a high specification. This is limited to 100. The second is the use of tremblage engraving on the disk and hammer. Is the disk and hammer looked like a “sandblasting”.

On the other hand, the table in the global table altar was favorable, heat more than Langer’s own chasing needle Tourbillon calendar. I think people also see the watch in the watch industry in a unique position.

Because the Lange Owl itself jump word, the movement of the constant force device, plus three spring function model. In the watch industry is unique, and this only Zeitwerk Decimal Strike self-Ming table price only Lange chase needle Tourbillon calendar a quarter. So we can learn why, why so many people like owls, buy owls so much.

Lange Owl Zeitwerk Decimal Strike Part of the disk and the hammer used the tremblage carving process, the disk and the hammer looked like “blasting”.

The third table, I did not notice a little before. Until later learned about its details, I suddenly found that only the election table is good. This watch is the Athens enamel tourbillon.

Fake omega of fashion watch

Fake omega Speedmaster is undoubtedly one of the most representative of the Omega uk replica watches. It has a brilliant achievement and a long history. As the first one is the only one worn on the moon watch. Omega Speedmaster professional chronograph with its unquestionable superior performance in the history of space to occupy an important seat. And get the “moon table” in the world. Today, the watch home for you to recommend three super watch. Let us together to enjoy their style.
Fake omega Speedmaster series moon phase to the astronomical watchFake omega

A stunning watch, the entire watch on the use of a variety of blue to give the moon phase watch a unique appearance. 44.25 mm table with a sun-polished blue dial, with rhodium-plated hour scale. Stainless steel case with blue ceramic bezel with Liquidmetal tachometer scale. Blue leather strap with a frosted polished folding clasp.

The moon phase shows high-definition images taken by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Through a unique microstructure processing technology in the metal crystal disc to reproduce the real scene of the lunar surface. The details of the surface of the moon portrayed lifelike. Look at the moon disk, you will even see the astronauts left footprints. Unlike traditional cognition, the phase of a moon phase is not 30 days, but 29.5 days. For the standard gear drive system, this time is difficult to grasp. But the Fake omega moon phase watch to complete this task well. Run only 10 years to adjust once, the operation is also very simple. Just turn a few crowns.

Because watch 3 o’clock position set 60 minutes and 12 hours timer small dial, 9 o’clock position set date and small seconds dial. The 6-point location features a charming moon phase display.So pointer and hour scale covered with Super-LumiNova luminous coating. In the dark environment can also be easily read. Watch equipped with Omega 9904 coaxial to Zhen astronomical movement, can withstand up to 15,000 Gaussian strong magnetic field, providing 60 hours of power reserve.

In addition to the blue dial.

There are also sun-polished black, brown, gray or silver silver dial Fake omega to choose from.

Ceramic bezel is also available in black, brown, blue and green and other charming colors. Case with stainless steel, 18K gold or 18K Sedna® gold material. With a pair of dual dial with a dial. Evenly distributed on both sides of the dial, in the visual representation of the beauty of symmetry.

Replica corum of fashion series

Replica corum:Corum Navy Admiral Cup two rolex uk Beijing Financial Street spot quotes

Because corum Navy Admiral Cup series is the brand’s sailing watch series. This series of watches a large number of options to choose a larger range. So watch the home deliberately visited the Beijing Financial Street Hengji Li line. Brought two Corum Navy Admiral Cup series of watches the latest market, for the Friends of the reference choice.

Corum LEGEND 42 Series 395.101.20 / 0F61 FH10 watch

This Corum 395.101.20 / 0F61 FH10 watch belongs to the Corum Navy Admiral Cup series of basic models watch. So twelve-sided stainless steel case, small seconds plus three o’clock small calendar window. As well as the twelve sea flag time, composed of this watch. So the shape of the dial to make the dial more three-dimensional, self-winding movement can also be seen from the back through the movement of the internal structure.

Corum LEGEND 38 Series 082.101.47 / 0F41 PN11 watch

Corum 082.101.47 / 0F41 PN11 watch is the table by 38 mm ladies Replica corum watch. Black Pearl Motherboard with satin strap. So the lady elegant temperament from the inside out to show up. So dial watch and the bezel on the diamond will be the watch of the luxury experience more up a level. It is worth mentioning that the three o’clock use of circular small calendar window to replace a time scale, and twelve and six o’clock with the Arabic numerals 60 and 30 instead. Showing a unique design concept.

By virtue of the brand’s own history and superb superb watchmaking skills.

Replica corum Admiral Cup series of watches in the continuation of the classic at the same time, also continue to innovate.

To create this is Corum excellent timepieces works. This new world day / night display watch with masculine tough shape. Unparalleled aesthetic value, charismatic. Watch 150 pieces of production, with a good collection value.

Replica omega of classic watch

Replica omega Speedmaster series is undoubtedly the space exploration and professional timing of the outstanding timepieces.So the moon phase to the astronomical replica watches, not only have the superior quality of exploration of space, to record the passage of time. But also to show accurate moon phase changes, so that the wearer appreciate the moon phase profit and loss. Super watch as the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) all manned space mission designated watch. Is the first and only one landing on the moon watch. Probably no one of the watch series can understand the moon than the super watch.

So the fact is true, whether it is in the moon phase of the nuanced moon presented. Or a decade only need to adjust the moon phase of a high degree of precision, super perfect are presented. The moon image of the moon is selected by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to capture the moon’s high-definition images, Omega through a unique microstructure processing technology. In the metal crystal disc to reproduce the lunar surface of the real scene. So the image of the moon is so real that we can see the footprints of astronaut Neil Armstrong on the surface of the moon.

On the other hand, since the phase period is 29.5 days. Common moon phase display is difficult to accurately grasp the length of this cycle, and Omega’s high-precision mechanical device is a good way to overcome this problem. Replica omega Speedmaster series phase to the astronomical table of the moon phase shows the operation of a decade only need to adjust once. Not only the moon phase display, watch the most important time to show the same precision.So this watch is certified by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS). Became the first to get “to Zhen astronomical Taiwan” certification of the super watch. Its precision and performance in the watch industry in a leading position.

The watch uses a 44.25 mm steel case with a blue ceramic bezel with a Liquidmetal tachometer scale and a blue dial polished with a solar ray. Dial on a pair of double dial with a small dial balance distributed in the dial at both ends. 3 o’clock position with 12 hours timer and 60 minutes chronograph dial, 9 o’clock position with date display and small seconds. The watch’s precise moon phase display is at 6 o’clock.

Watch dial set rhodium-plated rectangular three-dimensional time scale, with rhodium-plated bar when the sub-pointer. Time scale and time, sub-pointer are covered with luminous coating, the dark green light. Even in the night, can clearly read the time.

Stainless steel crown crown engraved Omega brand logo, the crown side with anti-skid texture. Easy to handle the delicate operation of the crown. There are timing start and pause buttons and timing zero buttons on top and bottom respectively.

So decorated with white suture decoration, with a matte polished polished stainless steel folding clasp.

As the first to get “to reach the Observatory” certification super watch. This watch is equipped with the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) official certification Omega 9904 coaxial to Zhen astronomical movement. Movement can withstand up to 15,000 Gaussian strong magnetic field. This automatic winding chronograph movement, full string state can provide 60 hours power reserve. Watch for the transparent table back design, you can watch the movement of the watch movement. As well as the rhodium-plated plywood surface of the Arabic-style Geneva ripples. This watch model: 304. As well as more different colors and different styles of styles to choose from.

Replica omega Speedmaster series has always been astronauts and space agency professional choice.

Human space exploration activities have a number of Omega Speedmaster table participation, and even harvest the “moon table” in the world. This moon phase to the arrival of the Observatory table. Means that the new century Replica omega Speedmaster table to ensure the complexity of the function at the same time. But also to achieve a high degree of precision and another milestone. This blue leather watch watch retail price of 76,000 RMB.

Classic watch of fake series

Classic watch:There must be lost, not to mention the corporatization of the operation, it is no longer as Zunda master wish to design, regardless of the market. Respect the wishes of the master, is to do a good designer. In his eyes, the design of the Classic swiss replica watches can not be limited by the function. Can re-create the time to display the way, so through the reverse jump and jump the word way. OCTO series has a lot of wonderful watches, such as Disney theme of the watch.

Bvlgari OCTO series of ultra-thin three asked watch
While the Bulgari OCTO series, in line with brand characteristics. Must give up some of the original design ideas, such as reducing the original anti-jump table money.So the use of Bvlgari characteristics of the time scale and the pointer, the design return to the mainstream aesthetic and so on. In fact.So this year’s OCTO ROMA watch is personally considered difficult to understand. It changed the OCTO kind of bold and spirit. By modifying the case, make it into harmony.

Because bulgari OCTO series ROMA hollow watch transparent gem middle case
Of course, between the gains and losses, OCTO series will become more and more powerful. But we have to admit that OCTO is still a long way away from the generation of classic. Although we know that Bulgari in the senior tabulation under a lot of effort.So these kung fu is not talk about it, is the real money investment. But like other luxuries, it takes time. And Wu Yifan, is the success of this series of a passing. Of course, no one can become this passing.

If you are still hesitant to buy this one Classic watch, then this classic is your priority choice.

So become “classic” must go through the test of time. What are you waiting for, and quick to buy it?