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Hot selling watch:Enjoy the simple three completely forgotten replica watches new products

Because every year in March Basel International Watch and Jewelery Show, is a great overview of the annual new event. Newly dubious, memorable. In the taste of new products, in addition to amazing process of complex and superb.This article, the editor will give you a few friends of the table design simple design of new products. People at first sight.
Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra to the Astronomical Observatory table

So omega new hippocampus series calendar watch after a new interpretation. With a new gesture debut 2017 Basel senior watch exhibition, the new work more simple atmosphere. Compared to earlier design, the most significant change in the new watch is the “teak concept” dial vertical texture into a horizontal texture.

Visually more elegant, in addition to the date window from 3 o’clock position to 6 o’clock position. A new symmetry of the United States jumped disk. Careful observation is not difficult to find, the past hippocampus series watch dial on the waterproof coefficient words have also been moved to the back of the case. But also more simple introverted. In the strict standards of measurement, to achieve a high degree of accuracy.
Bulgari OCTO Series 102703 watch

Bulgari full of new products this year to bring full freshness. This new Octo Roma Hot selling watch presents an elegant posture with new designs.So this article recommended the table is 18K rose gold with steel material to create the case, 41 mm diameter, the case structure is clear.

With 110 facets, the classic octagonal and perfect blend of rounds. This is not common in the design of watches and clocks, Bulgari watchmakers through superb skills to bring unprecedented extreme aesthetics. Simple white dial with the octagonal shell with the same color of the time scale and the pointer. In addition there is not much embellishment.
Chopard L.U.C Series 168592-3001 watch

Simple style is always at first sight, this new Chopard L.U.C series XP ultra-thin stainless steel Hot selling watch the ultimate design sense of refined fashion and elegant atmosphere. 40 mm size case with stainless steel material to create, with a simple silver dial. To create a symmetrical balance of the United States, accompanied by blue steel pointer, fresh and elegant yet stylish. Inside the watch is equipped with an ultra-thin automatic winding mechanical movement. For the watch to provide accurate travel and kinetic energy reserves.

More than three Hot selling watch simple, introverted, low-key, in line with nowadays people for the pursuit of simple style.

No matter what kind of dress with, have shown the watch with the elegance and fashion. Recently have a plan to buy a friend, may wish to concern.

Fake series of luxury watches

Fake series:Love is the only use of luxury swiss replica watches tied to her heart
There is a love, with the time counterparts, and happiness meet, and always can race with time.So the most beautiful love may be accidentally, from hand to the white head. Valentine’s Day instantly, everyone wants to express their love of the Proverbs.

This article, the editor will recommend several watches for Valentine’s Day gift. Use every sound “tick” to record your love in the walk.
Cartier CLÉ DE CARTIER series WJCL0047 watch

Because Cartier CLÉ DE CARTIER series since the date of birth, its attention to catch up with the brand classic blue balloon series. Due to the uniqueness of the crown design and become the origin of the Fake series watch the origin. It is also because this unique crown to the public extraordinary feelings.

So watch with 18K rose gold material to create the case, bezel set in the bright and luxurious diamonds. So with dark red crocodile leather strap, added the festive festive meaning.
Rolex Women’s Log Series 279135RBR-83345 watch

Due to Rolex gem mosaic artisans. Like a sculptor to use precious metal, for each gem to create its mosaic hand. And with extremely precise skills for the gem inlaid.So Chocolate color dial is different from the common general watch, the unique head shape bracelet unique Rolex replica watch characteristics.So three-point position with a small window convex lens, the calendar can be easily amplified to read.So this is not only a major feature of the Rolex watch, easier to identify. The fine design makes it difficult to deny the popularity of Rolex. Watch with 2236-type self-winding mechanical movement.
Earl LIMELIGHT series G0A38160 watch

This LIMELIGHT Fake series ladies watch, is very suitable for the goddess wearing a fake series watch.

Because watch with black and white with the mix. Simple yet stylish.So watch with 18K white gold diamond case to create, lined with 62 round diamonds, about 1.8 karats. And in the watch on the buckle inlaid with a single round diamonds, about 0.01 karats.

Love is a wonderful feeling. In the crowded city, there is always a person with your eyes relative, heart and mind, promised San San III promise. Sincere blessing every pair of lovers can stay together, white to old.

Replica watches of classic series

Replica watches:Colorism is the time three three 2017Basel fashion type  replica rolex
Now, big clothes to match, small to the wrist time meter. Colorful objects are more likely to attract the eye. Full of non-traditional color of the replica watches is so, always so fresh and full of charm.So in the 2017 Basel Watch and Jewelery Fair, there is such a class of watches. Alternative color elements and classic watch style makes them a new watch in the more out of color style. If you like the fashionable color watch, then look at the watch home today recommended three new time meter it.

Bulgari OCTO Series 102779 watch

Replica watches

Simple style, a strong sense of fashion design, this is the new paragraph of this Bulgari brought me the first impression. Although the white disk is not very rare. But in the delicate circular bezel and octagonal case against the background is very novel, showing a unique sense of hierarchy. So three-dimensional Arabic numerals and rod-shaped time scale makes the whole dial more delicate and delicate. There are edges and corners of the case with a black crocodile leather strap, making the inch between the more fashionable charm.

Ba Qi Lai Bai La Wei series 00.10632.22.53.01 watch

Replica watches Comments: rose gold and black titanium combination of the watch to become the best spot in one of the highlights. Inheritance brand unique diving watch design.So little blue dial with 18k rose gold case decorated fish scales texture, and black titanium metal bezel against each other. Show the watch of the beautiful sense of both. With a contrasting 18K rose gold when the pointer and time scale. As the sparkling lake, it is indulging in which can not extricate themselves. With a blue and black rubber strap, making the whole watch sports atmosphere full.

Chopard HAPPY DIAMONDS series 278587-3002 watch

HAPPY DIAMONDS added the diving replica watches for the first time at this year’s show.

Heritage brand classic diamond dial design, Smart and classic. The use of traditional diving watch design, making this wrist between the bright diamonds have a greater “stage” in the water free dance. In addition to the eye-catching red as a diving replica watches vital part of the bezel. One can play an intuitive reminder of the role of the two blue and blue fusion more watch very ornamental. With the Navy blue NATO strap, making the watch to add a rhythm.

With a variety of different colors of the watch, the show is a bright spot in the show. That is a wiping bright light is the watch decorative postcards, for its charm to add luster. Like fashion watch watch the table, may wish to pay attention to these three new watch.

Fashion watch of Fake watches

Fashion watch recommended

Neutral style is to break the concept of gender, masculine sense of full of men’s watch a little soft gas. It makes the replica watches by men and women take-all, personalized fashion. Now the big diameter watch seems to be very popular, male watch diameter constantly in the rise. Female table diameter naturally rising, large diameter watches also began to climb the beauty of the wrist. Anyway, in the pursuit of the overall beauty of this, we each have a very high enthusiasm. As long as with the good, how to wear their own final say. The following recommended two with a neutral atmosphere of the Fashion watch. May wish to see.

Audemars Piguet JULES AUDEMARS series 77238OR.OO.A088CR.01 watch

Due to audemars Piguet JULES AUDEMARS series watch looks simple and generous, men and women will like to wear the style. This Audemars Piguet style watch, with a diameter of 33 mm case. 18K rose gold material to build, and only the thickness of 6.95 mm. Slim type, very beautiful lines. Silver dial with rose gold three times the standard and the pointer, more highlights the legendary style of the novel design. So anti-glare treatment sapphire crystal glass table mirror and 18K rose gold bezel look dazzling. Six o’clock position with a small second hand. Hand-sewn square large scales brown crocodile leather strap with 18K rose gold buckle button buckle, elegant fashion. Watch equipped with Cal.3090 model automatic mechanical movement, vibration frequency of 21,600 per hour the number of oscillation. So power reserve for 48 hours, the superiority of the mechanical device combined with the shock characteristics. Bring better quality.

Chopard L.U.C Series 121968-1001 watch

18K white gold 35 mm L.U.C XPS Fashion watch vividly interpretation of the classic beauty.

This section Chopard L.U.C series of ultra-thin watch the thickness of only 7.10 mm. Whether it is design or size, are low-key and elegant, strong sense of neutral. Through the anti-glare anti-scratch sapphire crystal glass table mirror, silver sun radiation pattern satin surface matte table is particularly dazzling. Under its simple silver dial. So the L.U.C 96.12-L model, which is certified for precision timekeeping, is vibrated at a frequency of 28,800 times per hour and has a 65 hour power reserve. The integration of two coaxial barrel, to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the Fashion watch.

So try to interpret the neutral beauty, I believe the Fashion watch will make it in the wrist is smart and yet stable.

Hot Selling Products Of Breguet watch

Breguet, a great influence on the swiss replica watches industry brand. As early as 1775 has already started the watchmaking career, until today, even full of endless charm. On behalf of the modern process of the three complex functions: Tourbillon, calendar. Three question spring are from the brand watchmaker’s handwriting, called the Breguet watch industry miracle. The creation of every piece of time, are called classic, intriguing.

It has never stopped the pace of the creation of Breguet watches and clocks. In 2016, a number of classic Breguet watch to follow the times once again into the people’s attention. Which has a watch home editor today for everyone to introduce the retro elegant wind full of Burgundy gray disk timing function watch. (Watch model: 3817ST / X2 / 3ZU)


Simple classic boom has not yet dispersed, retro elegant style has quietly come. Retro and nostalgic, itself is difficult to distinguish between the two words. Due to nostalgia is just a feeling, and retro is an attitude. Nostalgia can be very broad, and retro is directed. Make people feel much more than nostalgia.

Like this classic Breguet watch like silver bezel with case, rock gray disc with dark brown leather strap. Look at it at first glance will feel a thick retro wind blowing, people can not stop. The atmosphere of the disk slightly rough, cigars and coffee in general with the color. Show nowadays urban fashion in the most men in the unique type, tough temperament. Worthy of another brand for the masterpiece.

Diameter of 42 meters of stainless steel case, the thickness of 15.2 mm. Case externally decorated with coins, after grinding process. Exquisite type, its unique tough, classic connotation to show it. Equipped with two-way rotating bezel, texture is more good, to facilitate the operation of the watch. By watching the Breguet watch as a whole, you can see the details of the watch on the watch is in place. Both to add the fine beauty of the watch for the overall image of extra points.

Because watch the use of rock gray dial, scale ring with avant-garde design style of Arabic numerals. With fluorescent points, plus a fluorescent pointer and dot scale. To facilitate the view in a dark environment, for the readability of the watch to provide material basis. 3 o’clock position with day and night display, 6 o’clock position with 12 hours timer and date window, 9 o’clock position with a small second hand. So the central position has a minute timer. Engraved Breguet invisible signature for the watch to add brand unique charm.

Anti-skid texture design and polished steel crown produced a unique soft and delicate luster. In the side of the Breguet watch coins decorated against the background under the ornamental full, very beautiful. Good sense of the crown is not smooth, to ensure the smooth operation of the Breguet watch.

With the polished process of circular lug lines smooth and natural, very good strap and watch together. Glossy and delicate, looks beautiful, elegant and solemn.

So watch with a back through the process design, through the sapphire crystal bottom cover can see the movement of the operation, do not have some fun. Watch equipped with 584 Q / 2 self-winding chronograph movement, with “fly back” function. 26 gems.

With 48 hours power storage, waterproof rating of 100 meters. At the same time have a reverse Swiss linear leveraged escapement, with silvery escapement fork. Built-in hot hot silky gossamer. Its vibration frequency of 4 Hz, 6 square adjustment.So engraved number and Breguet invisible signature, showing the uniqueness of the watch with the classic classics of the brand.

The soft lugs are connected to a dark brown calf belt and are comfortable to wear.

The use of sewing technology it is a very common look, but more and more taste. Connecting a steel folding clasp, for the watch in the wrist to provide security protection. Do not easily fall from the wrist.So clasped engraved Breguet English word logo, highlight the unique charm of the brand.

Slightly rough and has a rich connotation, retro with a modern urban atmosphere, it still has a type of money. Inheritance of the brand’s long classic design, the atmosphere is no lack of exquisite. Fine between the side was superb technology, I believe this timepiece will be love retro and urban feelings of the best choice.

Pictures of fashion girl watch–Breguet

On the classic heritage and innovation is a major feature of uk replica watches. This year, full of legendary Breguet brand again set sail, to the traditional exquisite watch and watchmakers tribute. Breguet made of classic series Classique Dame 9088 ladies diamond moon phase watch elegant and timeless.

For the aesthetic excellence of the Breguet watch series add a classic timepiece. Simple and pure lines, heritage brand characteristics of the Breguet blue steel pointer. Highlight the Breguet more than 240 years of historical accumulation, exquisite appearance is extraordinary extraordinary quality. The following let the watch home editor with you to enjoy its style. (Watch model: 9088BR / 52/964 / DD0D)

Deep cultural heritage, and constantly blaze new and innovative Breguet

Speaking of Breguet’s invention, in this time on the count to reflect the largest number of white dial on the three full charm of the blue – Breguet blue steel pointer. Because blue steel hourly pointer to Breguet in 1783 creation of the classic tip hollow pointer for inspiration. On this basis, once again ingenuity design.

There are silvery balance wheel hairspring, silvery escapement wheel and escapement fork. And we are most familiar with the automatic winding and other watch parts are proud of the invention of the brand. Classic style and style, making this watch brand atmosphere is more intense. Breaking the previous moon phase display window design, the semi-circular cover to heart type. More responsive to the trend of the times, highlight the brand’s continuous progress and innovation!

Because diameter of 30 mm 18k rose gold diamond case, the edge decorated with exquisite coins pattern. With a bright diamond with a gentle luxury rose gold, highlighting the watch’s dazzling luster and unique charm. So bezel and lugs inlaid bright cut diamonds, talent, so that the whole time is more elegant and elegant. Polished 18k rose gold ear with diamonds. Soft texture, smooth lines, on behalf of eternal diamonds and low-key luxury rose gold shine each other. Very beautiful.

White fancy “enamel dial 6 o’clock position with a small second hand and moon phase profit and loss window.Because dial engraved with independent number and Breguet stealth signature. Scale ring with Roman numerals, minute dial inlaid little stars. Using a unique lily five Minute scale. Highlight the brand Breguet long and far-reaching tabulation tradition of the most noble respect. Exquisite elegance adds to the readability of the watch.Many phase and moon show for the watch to add a fun and practical function.

The same is 18k rose gold material crown, using non-slip texture design style.

Because operation is not smooth, delicate texture. And watch can be a perfect fusion as a whole, for the watch aesthetics plus points.

Breguet Classic Series Classique9087 Ms. Moon phase watch with back through the design style.So through the back cover can see the movement of the movement, do not have some fun.So equipped with Breguet 537L self-winding mechanical movement, equipped with silvery escapement and gossamer, with 45 hours power reserve. Built-in Swiss linear leveraged silvery escapement, silky gossamer and other devices, vibration frequency of 3.5 Hz. Banqiao decorated with Geneva ripple, gold balance wheel is also decorated with exquisite wheat stakes decorated pattern. Even the movement is also more refined and beautiful. And the movement engraved with independent number and Breguet signature, making the watch’s unique and classic to show all.

Due to bright and beautiful dial to connect a white leather strap, to show the purity of the ladies and elegant beauty. With 18k rose gold diamond button buckle. And watch itself echoes, show the perfect image of the watch.

So adhering to the brand tradition, pioneering and innovative Breguet will be advanced technology and professional watchmaking skills integration. To create this classic, excellent ladies watch.

So moving blue steel pointer, on behalf of the high watch the traditional 537L automatic winding mechanical movement.So design unique moon phase function. This elegant and elegant watch is definitely the elegant lady’s choice.